Heads UP – A Must Read

computer bug“Not all bugs will be addressed because it depends on the severity of the bug and how many sites are affected” ~ Happiness Engineer

Pingbacks are restored!

It’s no secret that during the past three weeks I’ve been airing my grievances firmly in the direction of the WordPress Happiness Engineers.

Throughout the process, I remained polite but forthright, that so, I wasn’t proud of my constant complaints. No one likes a chronic complainer, and I was turning into a shrew; but in this instance, I really felt that if I didn’t continue to communicate , harass and question, my issues would not be dealt with, and I was correct.

Let’s take the pingback issue. It didn’t affect everyone, but it did affect some of us, and despite urging bloggers to please report their own faults, I was surprised to be told by a couple of lady bloggers – someone’s already reported it.

These ladies and I shared the same pingback issue, but they failed to report the problem, they believed that if WordPress was already aware then why did they need to report the fault again!

Meanwhile,  I also experienced one or two problems using my iPad App. Today one of the engineers managed to replicate one of my issues. One problem turned out to be a bug that is affecting the iPad App. The bug is in the theme that GC and I have on Weekly Prompts.

Finally, we get to the really interesting part – A conversation that took place today with one of the Happiness Engineers.

“I’m going to report this issue as a bug to our theme developers. As a heads up, we’re working through a backlog at the moment so it may take a little while before they are able to review it. Not all bugs will be addressed because it depends on the severity of the bug and how many sites are affected.”

I doubt I am the only one who has realised that if every blogger affected by faulty pingbacks had reported their own individual faults, this issue would not have lasted for three whole weeks.

I am not judging, but let us hope that in the future people will independently and individually speak out, and perhaps the Happiness engineers might be more inclined to verdantly spread a little our way! 🌝

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 – Word Prompts –  Fandango, Meanwhile – Ragtag Community, Verdant – Weekly Prompts, Communication

12 thoughts on “Heads UP – A Must Read

  1. The pingbacks at the Ragtag Daily Prompt are fixed! I just figured they were still out of commission so didn’t even look to see that my pingback had stuck this morning, and promptly did the old cut and paste. I apologized for the double comment. Fingers crossed, Sue. You might the next one in line!

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    1. Lois, all pingbacks were fixed on Friday afternoon (UK time). They were fixed because I badgered WordPress to take a look at a short timeline I had given them. It turned out that during this short prtiod there had been an update in the WordPress infrastructure. I included the details in my Too Peaceful Sunday post but I think you missed that one.
      I was relieved to have them fixed and not least because the faults were taking up too many of my thoughts, probably due to old habits from my IT background, thinking it through step by step and the desire to ‘get it fixed’. Now I can relax and forget all about it!

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      1. I rarely blog as often as I did last week, almost everyday I think, usually twice weekly is my limit. I rarely complain either, so all in all a pretty unusual week. Thank you so much Lois.


  2. gc

    Bravo Susan on your experiences and struggles and somewhat successful results with the WP HE staff. More folks should speak out about any and all issues they are experiencing with the company’s publishing platform. You were never a shrew to pursue a solution to the ping back problem rather a shrewd detective attempting to solve an invisible problem Great work.xx

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  3. gc

    Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2019 and commented:
    Pursuing a problem and making everyone aware that this problem is not an isolated issue is important in this time when corporations and their happiness machines try to either gloss over issues or minimize the extent of them. Great work Susan!

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