A Moment of Peace

PeacePeace – it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, it needs to be in the middle of these things and still be calm in your heart.” ~ Unknown

This weekend the Photo Challenge over on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is Peaceful.

Those moments when you say goodnight to your children as they snuggle down in their beds, or when you give your youngest and noisiest of your grandchildren their hugs and kisses when it’s time for them to go home, return to base. The door closes, your eyes shut for a second and you listen to the sound of the silence, Finally…  peace!

Well, I really can’t let that phrase go without remembering the last time I wrote it. Accompanied by my five children, all of us apprehensive and a little tearful, I visited my deceased husband at the Chapel of Rest. The undertaker, a family friend, asked if I would like to write a few words in the ‘Book of Remembrance’.

I thought about my husband’s struggle with cancer, so I wrote what I deemed to be  appropriate, Our friend the undertaker picked up the book and remarked, I think you may have missed out the word AT or did you really mean to write Finally… Peace!

My late husband was a comedian by profession, so maybe he was guiding my hand. We may have walked into the chapel tearful, but just as he would have wanted, all of us walked out of there wearing a smile!  His favourite phrase? “Always leave em laughing!!


Recently, my daughter Sophie and I took a walk in woodland; we made our way down a sloping path that was covered in ancient tree roots, an awkward path that led down to a shallow section of the River Nidd in North Yorkshire, the challenging pathway was well worth the effort, and if one can gourmandise on peace, then that is exactly what we did.

I suppose I should add a photo or two seeing as it’s a photo challenge, but I’m not going to do that, instead I’m going to leave you with a short video clip that really does pay homage to the word peaceful. I defy anyone to disagree!



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(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Photo Challenge Peaceful from Weekly Prompts

35 thoughts on “A Moment of Peace

  1. Maureen Helen

    Peaceful and pretty, Sue, but I felt playful as I watched, and wanted to take off my shoes and socks and paddle my feet. Such ‘little girl’ thoughts.

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  2. Very nice, Sue. There seems to be an endless noise that we are bombarded with on a daily basis that we forget what peace is like. Then there’s the mental noise which rattled around your head in the middle of the night. To sit and listen to nature, the world as it is meant to be is a precious thing. Thank you for this post, Sue, it is the light in a sometimes very dark tunnel.

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    1. Oh, Trev, you are so right.
      Sophie and I had gone out for lunch in a tourist area near the river. We were parked in car park a little distance away so that we could enjoy a walk. When we returned to the car I noticed an opening in a hedge “I wonder what’s behind there?” and because we’re nosey we went to investigate. We followed the path and heard running water and the rest as they say is history. It really was a magical find but no bench! Thank you Trev for your lovely comments.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Sue, your video is the essence of ‘peaceful’. I could watch it endlessly, I love what you wrote in the Book of Remembrance. I have no doubt your late husband is still chuckling over that one. Thank you for sharing such a personal moment.

    Have a happy, peaceful yet fun-filled Mother’s Day Sue.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Apparently, we were the only family to ever laugh raucously at the chapel of rest. To laugh at all I should imagine. I will definitely visit our little secret spot again it really was peaceful. Thank you Ginger for your lovely comments 🙂


  4. That clip’s from my beloved Nidd Gorge, isn’t it? My back yard when I lived in Harrogate. And yet, and yet NYCC is seriously considering thrusting a ring road through this special place.

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  5. Sue–I love this. For me, nothing is too serious that there is not a good laugh somewhere to be had. So your comment in the Chapel of Peace made me smile….a lot.
    What is it about being near the water that brings peace to us? Such a lovely clip.

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    1. It certainly made us laugh Lois, butI couldn’t help wondering that if he was guiding my hand, which one of us was having peace at last, did he mean him or me! 😀
      The water clip, I’m so glad I filmed it, I keep watching it over and over.
      Thank you Lois.


  6. What a lovely post, Sue. You’re right, peace can be defined in so many ways. I know that feeling of going to a chapel of rest, so many feelings & emotions. How heartwarming that you were able to leave there with a smile for everyone. I’m sure seeing your husband at peace, after all the struggles, helped you all to relax a little & the echoes of the fun he gave to you all shined through..I’m sure he would’ve approved.
    Nature can be surprisingly noisy at times, but what a wonderful noise to relax to! Having lived by a very busy road for all our married life, me & Trev can’t believe how peaceful we find life here with all the beautiful sounds of noisy nature. I know which place we prefer! How lovely that you found that river..tranquil waters, running deep, perfect! 😊

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  7. Wonderful post Sue. When you said you all went out of the chapel laughing, that reminded me of a similar incident in my life. To smile or make someone smile in a heavy atmosphere – it’s truly peace and realisation of life.

    And the video you filmed is so calm. Amazing! Great discovery with your daughter – Happy Mother’s Day to you dear Sue! 💐💐

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  8. Tranature - quiet moments in nature

    A beautiful post Sue and thank you for including the lovely video- such a peaceful place to be 🙂💖

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