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“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the aeroplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” ~ Henry Ford.   Already on board! 😂

WordPress Issues Continue and the crosshairs are not quite aligned! If you’ve missed out on all the fun then do keep up and check out yesterday’s post here. Yesterday’s WordPress Conversation

The pingback issue remains a thorn in my side and the iPad problems are becoming even more of a concern. Yesterday’s last message of the day from WordPress is below

STOP PRESS!!!! The Pingback worked!  

WordPress have just informed me it was due to an update in the server infrastructure.   Read on anyway and thank you for your support.

Hello Sue,

Thank you for this update! We appreciate it. We are still actively looking into the issue, and will be in touch when we have an update. 


Sarah W  Happiness Engineer

I suppose I am fortunate in that I have several ways to communicate with the world.

My Computer – Most of my articles are written or continued on this machine and are mostly published here.

My iPhone – Apart from the obvious, it’s  very convenient for picking up notifications and for writing quick replies.

iPad – I would be lost without this device. I wake up very early and stay in bed with my morning coffee, I browse the overnight posts and messages, and often have early morning conversations. Bedtime is not too dissimilar. My articles often begin life on the iPad when an idea pops into my head.

It’s frustrating that my device is not working well with WordPress, so earlier today I sent WordPress the following message, as yet I’ve not received a reply.


Ongoing Pingback Issue:  The last time one of my pingbacks was successful was the 24th  April, three days later on the 27th April, my next pingback failed.

This information should at least gives your troubleshooters a timeline to work with, at least in my case, but I’m surprised that no one has asked for this information.

Why is this issue taking so long to fix?

If this was happening to your most important business client I am pretty certain it would have been fixed by now. I too am a paying customer, but right now I am not satisfied with the service I am receiving.

iPad issues: I would be delighted if my problems were due to the iPad settings because that’s easily fixed, but despite following every instruction to the letter my iPad continues to have problems with WordPress. May I also repeat that the settings on the iPad have not recently changed.

A  video of a few seconds is included here this shows how the page becomes unstable, this only happens with WordPress.

Yesterday I was unable to edit my own site without first having to fill in a sign in form, unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot.

I have attached screenshots of some of the problems I am faced with when attempting to click Like or comment, also includes a screenshot from my iPhone.

I have also included a copy of the Activity/Application log from the iPad which hopefully may shed a light on things.


No doubt you, our readers could well raise an eyebrow when they see the Video.

This second picture is not too bad I can simply click the WordPress icon, on other occasions the icon is hidden down the page, but I’m already logged in so it should not be happening.

Are you Sue


Today I have created pingbacks to Fandango’s Crosshairs, Ragtag Community’s Eyebrow and back to our GC and my Weekly Prompts Snippets.

(C) SueW-nansfarm.et 2019

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