A dog with a bone

Dog with a boneThe Conversation saga with WordPress Continues, it’s a conversation I’m not comfortable with. I don’t want be a dog with a bone, or should that be bitch? I want normal service resumed,  pingbacks that don’t fail and have the option to click Like on the websites of other bloggers. I want to relax and not feel I am leading the charge into a battle!

Yesterday’s conversation 

The latest conversation is below in a slightly different format to yesterday.

Happ EngSince you are using Safari on your iPad, there are a few settings we can update to try and fix some of your issues (see link below). Hopefully, you will see improvement with the “like” and “leave comment” issues.


Please let us know if you see any improvements with this step.

In regards to the pingbacks, we are actively looking into the issue and don’t have any next steps to offer just yet, but will be in touch soon.

Cordially,   Harmony


ME – Ensuring you remain in the loop – three failed pingbacks yesterday.

Thank you for the advice regarding the settings on my iPad.

As an experiment I attempted to click Like on an article on my partner’s site https://themainaisle.com/2019/05/06/communication/  I was unsuccessful. I disabled Prevent Cross-Site-tracking and was still unable to click Like, I have since restored my original iPad setting to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.

My preferred iPad settings have not recently altered; therefore I would have been surprised if this was the cause of my recent problems. Isn’t it more likely that the cause is a little nearer to home, the WordPress home!

With regard to your comment that you are actively looking into the pingback issue, for many of us this has become more than a temporary inconvenience, therefore, may I ask how many Automattic developers have been deployed in that direction?

Cordially,  Sue W


Happ Eng – We have reported the pingbacks issue and our developers are working on it. As my colleague mentioned, we can’t promise any timeline as for when this issue will be fixed.

Please attempt to change to prevent cross site tracking again. Once done, can you please clear the cache for Safari? – 


I’m afraid I won’t be able to share this information with you. All I can confirm is that we’re looking into it.

Best, Kruti Dugade
Happiness Engineer,

I carried out each task as detailed above but to no avail, I will continue my correspondence with WordPress I cannot skimp on this duty.

Yesterday, a blogger pointed out that it hardly matters whether we use a pingback or a link, I think they felt there was no need to distinguish between the two, both methods are effective.

For me, Links go against the grain. The accepted protocol is pingbacks just as it was when many of us took part in the WordPress Daily Prompts.

GC and I set up Weekly Prompts at the beginning of June, immediately after the WordPress shut down of ‘Daily Prompts’.

We were against using our personal sites, our preference was to create something that had a more professional feel to it, a website with a distinct homepage, but with prompt pages that introduced the prompts in a friendly manner, and in order to showcase  the pingbacks, we disabled normal comments.

Pingbacks are more easily spotted if they are not hidden amongst of sea of comments and links;  conversations about the pingback content can then take place on the blogger’s own pages just as we all did with ‘Daily Prompts’.

It almost feels as though this is a personal affront from WordPress, and being something of a neat freak  Clean freaksam now desperate for our site to return to normal.

In the meantime please bombard us with your pingbacks, your links and your comments!

Pingbacks created for 1. Weekly Prompts Snippets.  2. Fandango’s Skimp. 3. RDP’s Distinguish.  They failed!


(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019

Clipart courtesy of Google


20 thoughts on “A dog with a bone

  1. I have to admit to being a bit confused. I’m not sure if there is a difference between a pingback and a hyperlink. I don’t use the WordPress editor as I prefer to use Open Live Writer and that uses ‘hyperlinks’. I think it is the same. But good luck with battle.

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    1. Hi Tony, Hope you’re ready for this, perhaps I should have messaged it to you!
      Usually a hyperlink does not alert the other party that you have created a link to their site.
      When blogging the hyperlink becomes a pingback, but only if the other party has enabled pingbacks.
      Party A creates post it may contain a challenge, Party B reads the post and decides they’d like to take part in the challenge, s/he copies the page URL.
      Party B creates their own post and using a word or phrase creates a pingback by copying a phrase/word and pastes the URL of Party A’s site into the hyperlink box.
      If Party B uses a link instead of a pingback (not a hyperlink) they go back to the site of Party A and manually paste a URL of their own site inside the comments box. Some type a few words such as – this is my link!
      A pingback eliminates the need to go back to Party A as you already copied the URL when you read their post.
      The pingback alerts Party A that you have created a post and it will show the URL of the post which will also include the challenge word. It’s a tidier, quicker and more efficient way to alert Party A.
      Generally Party A will acknowledge this by visiting the site of Party B and leave a positive comment and click Like. Not all do that.
      Examples below. You may need to enlarge. Pingbacks are neat and tidy and links take up slightly more space. Hope this has helped! Well you did ask!


      1. It’s based on the old Microsoft Live Writer. You can do all your formatting then post as draft. Then you can do all your checking before publishing as live. Works for me 😉

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      1. And I need to get up and start the day. I have an early appointment and later on lunch with a group of old friends. 🙂


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