Passing the time

post office 2“There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.” ― G.K. Chesterton

 Numerous Parcel deliveries were due today,  and seeing as I have become the family post office I needed to stay at home.

I was awake soon after half-past five and after writing up my journal , attending to e-mails and making comments on the blogs of others, (the ones I didn’t have time to do yesterday) and doing the domestic chores I became bored, but not for long!

I took a look at the world clock, and I thought about all the bloggers I correspond with. I took note of the different times around the world, and after working out who would be awake and who would be asleep, I began to wonder if they too need to get up in the middle of the night for a pee!  Strange how these random thoughts just pop into my head!

Pee time

World clock

I got back in touch with WordPress this morning, but there’s only so much one can say about the pingback problem – “Hello again, my pingbacks are continuing to fail! ” So I try to add a little extra, you know the kind of thing, polite but  forthright. but designed to irritate. Here is a copy of the reply from WordPress. For those not familiar with Communicating with WordPress, my original questions are highlighted.

Hello Sue,

thank you for your message.

Me – I am intent on keeping WordPress in the loop as previously directed but I too would like to be kept in the loop. Just what is being done to fix this problem?

Yesterday four more of my pingbacks failed

So, is WordPress any closer to finding the ‘Missing Link’? There must be something that links together those of us who are having difficulty with creating pingbacks. Surely by now you have enough evidence to piece together a picture of what is happening.

Can I anticipate an end to this farce in the near future?

I understand the pingback issue is frustrating. We are still investigating what is causing the failed pingbacks. Unfortunately some issues are harder to troubleshoot and it can take some time to find out what exactly is causing the issue.

Me – Does WordPress have a virus?

We don’t have a virus on our platform.

Me – Is a public announcement on WP’s failures going to be made soon?

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. We will consider the announcement option once we know more what is causing the issue.

I know that it is annoying to see the pingbacks fail. At the same time I want to assure you that we are investigating why this is happening and we want the issue to be fixed as much as you do.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Thank you.

Ivan, Happiness Engineer


In order to keep this word sparring match going  I need to think up more questions ? Any ideas?

My pingbacks today are  Match from the Ragtag Community, Forthright from Fandango and back to Communication on  GC and my Weekly Prompts site.

My pingbacks failed! 2019 

39 thoughts on “Passing the time

  1. Hi Sue, I often get up in the night or early morning to answer the call of nature! As for something to ask Ivan the engineer, I don’t have anything to offer, sorry. He’s not being too successful at the moment with his ‘happiness engineering.’

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  2. Since my removal of certain bits, I sleepwalk along to the bathroom every 1 to 2 hours at night.
    Maybe you could suggest to them that they are being increasingly unsuccessful at engineering happiness?

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    1. Gosh! every one or two hours, is that going to be the pattern from now on?

      Last week I asked if they could spread a little happines my way! Perhaps I’ll try singing to them next time! Thank you Les

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    1. I’ve written a fairly long explanation that covers everything, apologies!

      A pingback is a link from your site to someone else’s.
      Pingbacks are used by bloggers to take part in prompts and challenges on other sites.

      At this moment in time some of the pingbacks are failing.

      Originally, these challenges and prompts were issued by WordPress itself, it was a free service that helped to bring bloggers together and build up a network of online friends. Unfortunately, WordPress ceased this service at the end of May last year.

      Since that time a number of bloggers have begun to issue challenges from their own sites. GC and I decided against using our personal sites and joined together to create a site that was not personal, something with a more professional appearance, a site solely for issuing prompts and challenges.

      Right now because of the failed Pingbacks the comments section on Weekly Prompts has been enabled to allow links as well as pingbacks, this also means general comments are enabled.

      The result of that has rendered the site less professional and the pingbacks are more difficult to spot when jumbled up in the midst of normal comments and links.

      So let’s assume you wanted to create a pingback to our photo challenge YELLOW – First you need the URL of the prompt page, which in this case is
      Try to incorporate the word yellow or a similar phrase into your post, highlight the word, go to the hyperlink box and paste in the address above and click save. If you became stuck you could take a look at the help page we created on Weekly Prompts, I’ve pasted the link to the pingback section here.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Hahahah!! Twice a night for me, Sue, like clockwork!! I’m fortunate that I’m able to pretty much fall asleep again as soon as my head hits the pillow. You are not alone by any stretch of the imagination!! And I guess I should be grateful that for me it’s age related, and not because my plumbing has gone on strike!

    I can’t comment on the pingback problem so many of you bloggers are having since I wouldn’t know a pingback from a ping pong ball!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. i have no idea why I began to think of the nocturnal habits of others in the middle of my morning. I was going to use the word ablutions, but that conjures up a picture of night time purification which I’m sure none of us want to carry out in the dead of night! Thank you Ginger, I do appreciate your visits and comments. 😀


  4. gc

    Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2019 and commented:
    Word Press is filled with Happiness Engineers who are trying to placate a restless user base/ Perhaps peeing on the problem at two in the morning is the best way to relieve the tension? Read this post for sure. – gc

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  5. Perhaps you could start bombarding the NHS with emails asking why a problem for so many millions of people has not been addressed, and any solution they deem to be a useful tool (no pun intended) has, in fact, made things worse for so many. Then can you sort out Brexit please?

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    1. Oh, Peter I am still laughing loudly at your comments ( dislike the text speak LOL).
      What a good idea, you are so right, millions of us are suffering from sleep deprivation and that in itself brings on further problems.

      Perhaps they could start issuing older people with hormone pills, OHPs, not to be confused with the old style overhead projectors. not a bad idea seeing as the hormones could address other age-related problems too. I think I could save the NHS a lot of money, thank you for the idea. I will start planning my presentation!

      Now about Brexit – the government needs to admit that we have a stalemate in this particular game of chess, no winners here so let’s just forget they ever asked us to vote. 😂 Thank you Peter.

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      1. I’m with you all the way. Well, a goodly part of the way. I think all small boys should be taught to sit, rather than stand. All this “Our aim is to keep these urinals clean – your aim will help.” nonsense has to stop!

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      2. I am definitely with you on that, and seeing as you’ve read every blog post I’ve written, you may remember my attempt to teach a class full of small boys how to aim straight, well, verbally anyway and with the help of a ping pong ball. My colleagues wouldn’t let me forget that one!

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  6. It’s a pretty pass when we can’t even laugh without having an accident! Luckily I can also go straight back to sleep after two wanderings a night. It’s just a pity our dog can’t wake in the night and go out. At present his bed is wet every morning and we have had to buy some nappies. I haven’t tried them on him yet. I don’t think he’ll like them.

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    1. Oh Poor Diesel! I used to use puppy training mats in our old cat’s bed. She was unaware of her leakage otherwise I’m sure she’d have used her tray. Not quite the same with a dog.

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  7. Ugh! I’m afraid it’s rare if I don’t have to get up in the night, does hack me off! I know they do say it can be through habit, but I don’t know how you break it, apart from having nothing to drink earlier & earlier 😫 Ivan the terrible is about as useful as my suggestion for not getting up in the night to visit the bathroom!

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    1. Good Morning Debbie,
      I’m beginning to think Peter’s suggestion is spot on perhaps the NHS should give some attention to this seeing as so many millions of us are affected.

      My bladder is never this sensitive during the day, I would never need to go to the loo for such a small volume of liquid! Thanks Debbie.

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  8. Since the Brachytherapy operation/procedure in 2006, which resulted in sterilization I now have to get up many times during the night,

    I know exactly how many times each night, After each time I pop a ‘Soother’ into my mouth, I’ve been addicted to the damned things for more than 40 years.

    There are 10 in each roll.

    Last night I went through one roll, the previous I top that I had 11, then night before that again was a good night one of the best this year. Only 3!

    I actually get my rest through short naps, sometimes I might get 2 hours straight. But after all these years I’ve grown used to it and have adapted.

    I make a point of turning my computer off around 10 – 10.30 every night., and not switching back on until 7.30.

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    1. I usually go straight back to sleep. It’s waking up early that really gets to me, my thoughts kick in and I’m wide awake and that’s the one that makes me tired later, but it’s not because I need the loo, very odd!

      Most days my computer is switched on toward late morning when I’ve finished the domestic stuff and it’s switched off again early evening. My iPad is turned on as soon as I’ve poured my morning coffee, I have a little machine in my bedroom, a retirement gift. Then I sit here in bed, just like I am now and answer comments and e-mails to you! 😀


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