Ping and Pong

Thank you

“Starting today I need to forget what’s gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what’s coming.” ~

How lovely to be able to announce good news for a change. I can tell you that apart from the pingback problem, most of my other issues including the inability to click Like and type comments on the sites I visit, without having to log in again, have been rectified!

A few of us have had a thing or two to say about the pingback issue on our WordPress sites, but I’m not going to pollute the atmosphere by shouting and raising a ‘stink’ about it as my partner GC has suggested because that’s not my style, mine is far less plangent.

GC was disappointed when at the end of May 2018 WordPress shut down their daily word-prompts, and he still hasn’t forgiven the company! I differ on that one too, it didn’t bother me in the slightest and what was for him a hindrance, was for me a golden opportunity.

If one’s main aim is to cultivate new friendships, then it follows that the demise of the prompts would indeed be an obstacle.

Obstacle man and woman

My way of coming to terms with it was to take a leap forward, embrace new beginnings and rising out of the ashes of the Phoenix, our site Weekly Prompts was born, and at the start of June, we will celebrate its first birthday..

Weekly Prompts has allowed us to continue making new friendships, and as a bonus, we have been able to introduce bloggers to each other and facilitate their new friendships.

Latest Communication with WordPress

Anyway,  I digress again, back to the task in hand. On Saturday, I answered a follow-up message from one of the Happiness engineers.

Previously one of the engineers had suggested that the problem could be a bug, I questioned this by suggesting that if their software had a bug in the code then surely that would affect everyone using WordPress.

In the same communication, I asked the engineer if the recent security issue affecting the WordPress iOS App was caused by a virus.

I’d also suggested that as a virus is capable of attacking randomly, could it be a virus that is affecting some of our pingbacks. Then I got cheeky and made a further suggestion “Why not bring in the big guns, such as the Russians, after all, they are the best in the business!”

In reply, a female engineer denied a virus had affected in-house security with iOS Apps, but she neither confirmed nor denied that a virus could be affecting pingbacks, and her tone informed me she did not appreciate my sense of humour regarding my Russian remark. 😂 I’d say the lack of a yay or a nay was quite interesting too!

(C) 2019 –

Unsurprisingly, the created pingbacks to the following sites failed to work. Reluctantly, I created links instead. 

Word Prompts Plangent from RDP – Anyway from FOWP – Pollution from Travel with intent,  and for good measure another attempt at a pingback to Communication from Weekly Prompts.

Clipart – Pixabay and Google


32 thoughts on “Ping and Pong

    1. Thank you Derrick. I’m blogging far more than usual just so I can create pingbacks and send in another report and I’m running short of ideas for subjects!

      I am normally very patient 😇 and quite laid back about most things but I have to say my patience is beginning to wear thin. 😟

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    1. Thank you Brian, I’m glad you saw the humour in my comment. I’m trying hard to think of something different to say to WordPress instead of Hello again my pingbacks still aren’t working! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It would be good to have a solution Sue. I guess you have logged out, deleted the WP app and reinstalled, logged in and hey presto it’s fixed 🙂

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      2. Haha, I did that again this morning. I keep doing that in the hope that someone has altered something in the code. I’ve bypassed the App a lot and written directly from the dashboard but it doesn’t make a difference. The barmy thing that bothers me the most is not so much the failed pingbacks but the untidiness of the comments on Weekly Prompts! I can’t stand messy websites!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh well………I shall endeavour to be neater for you….or maybe put in needless spaces and other nonsensical things to give you something to take your mind of pingfrigginbacks 😀

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  1. gc

    I have tried unsuccessfully to post this blog article using the Windows Explorer platform. I HAVE to use Explorer because using Google I cannot click on the Like icon. SO it seems that the ping and pong effect is leaving a goodly number of users out in the cold . Perhaps frustration is the Mother of Invention and not inertia.?

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    1. Have you tried via the desktop App or the mobile App on your tablet? Alternatively, try using Mozilla Firefox browserthat one seems to have less problems.


      1. gc

        You are welcome Susan. Publishing your articles on my site helps spread the word that Word Press is currently floundering water and that the more people that realize this will hopefully coerce the company into doing something positive to help users and not offer fake news and excuses for the problem. 🙂

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  2. gc

    Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2019 and commented:
    I was finally able to re blog my partner Susan’s article onto my blog after posting a comment on her site telling the world that I could NOT use Explorer to do the job. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark. Have a go at it yourself. – gc

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  4. I clicked on a couple of those words and was taken to some place in cyberspace that seemed pretty alien to me so I found your smiling face clicked on it and here I am back with you, does that now me me a pingbacker” Is a pingbacker anything like an American linebacker?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, sounds like you were taken to the sites of the writers of the challenges. No you’re not a pingbacker just yet. I’d like to get you doing ping backs. What’s a linebacker?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. a hulking brute that plays American gridiron “football” they don’t kick the ball however, don’t even throw it like they do in Rugby. except for the quarterback who usually gets paid 20 million dollars a year or more to throw the ball every now and then’ Must admit I watch it, the only football game I watch

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      2. I don’t watch any football. I’ve never been able to understand the importance of two groups of men running around a field with a ball. And as for female footballers. So unfeminine!


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