Staying in the loop

Bringing our Communities together

Today I’m linking (hopefully via pingback) to a couple of other blogs. Perfectly Suitable for the RDP and also to Fandango’s Arrears  something I don’t want to be in! I’m doing this because A how would I know whether the problem of pingbacks has been fixed and B we need to make people aware of how essential it is that we all help each other and bring our communities together on this.

complaintsWe must carry on testing our pingbacks before using a link, and Communicate with WordPress by sending details everytime we have a failure or fault. We cannot simply switch to using links without first attempting a pingback and then hope that someone else will take care of the complaints for us. We need to bombard WordPress with our faults, no matter how small, every detail counts and if  LIVE CHAT is not supported, use this link then scroll down the page and click Get Help

Please feel free to create and test your pingbacks on any subject via Weekly Prompts

The following was posted earlier today on GC and my site Weekly Prompts, it contains copies of my most recent communications with WordPress.

GC and I don’t normally issue prompts and challenges other than Wednesday and Saturday, therefore today’s post is more of an information piece about my recent communications with WordPress. That said, as some of you are experiencing issues with creating pingbacks please feel free to treat this as a prompt and tell us about your communication problems and please test your own pingbacks by using the URL above.

As many of you are aware I have encountered a number of problems lately.

  • Unsuccessful pingbacks.
  • Unable to click Like and write a comment without logging in again.
  • Unstable flashing pages
  • Unable to click on a received pingback to visit your sites.

Each time this happens I contact WordPress and give as much information as possible but I got the impression that a couple of the guys answering my plea for help were unaware of the problems we are dealing with.

Having had several chats with WordPress, I received an e-mail asking if I would rate their support. The first time I received the request I ignored it, this morning I chose to reply.

I rated the support as Medium because I could not bring myself to say, Poor, after all it’s hardly the fault of some person at the other side of my screen. I also submitted a written response Screenshot attached.

Feed back for wordpress.PNG

Occasionally, I am lucky and my communications are answered by the same person, but compared to what others tell me, I am more than fortunate to have had a number of WP replies. Today I received another reply from Robert, someone I’ve chatted to before.

It confirms what I’ve been saying, WordPress do need to know every tiny detail and from each of us, and once a bigger picture is painted, perhaps links can be made, and they may finally solve our issues. Please report anything no matter how trivial it appears.

Hi there,

Thank you for the details and patience!

While we’re still looking into things, we could use a few more details on this.

How are the posts being published? Are they directly published or scheduled for publishing?
Also, are you using the classic or the new editor?

Furthermore, have you noticed anything in particular regarding this issue?

Any small detail could be helping us debug and solve this mystery issue.

Please keep us in the loop.

MY return reply …

Hello again Robert,

Thank you for your reply.

  • I use the Classic editor
  • The pingback issue has occurred on both scheduled and directly published posts.
  • Posts have been written and published via the App and also from the Dashboard.
  • Posts were written and published both from my PC and my iPad.

So what about you, how were your posts published, any problems?

(C) 2019

10 thoughts on “Staying in the loop

    1. Thank you Tracy. I didn’t mean to sound bossy, but due to my Computing background I know that somewhere lurking in the background there will be something that links those of us having difficulty with this issue, and unless it’s reported time and time again WP will not realise how widespread our problem is. Kind regards to you too Tracy and thank you for your reply.

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    1. Sending again.
      Okay, – Pingbacks. When you take part in a word prompt or a photo challenge you create a pingback to the site that has issued the challenge. This is done by copying the URL of the other site’s prompt page. On your own article you highlight the prompt word and create a hyperlink by pasting the URL into the box. It is very simple and probably sounds more complicated than it is. On our site Weekly Prompts I created a help section called How-To and included instructions for creating pingbacks. Old habits die hard, I used to have a How-To page when I managed IT in my school. We had a high number of staff who were uncomfortable with computing.
      Pingbacks are good because they allow others to meet you and visit your site, through this you begin to build up a community of online friends, which as you know normally takes time to do. 🙂👍


      1. Now that is a good plan and all you need do is incorporate the word prompt into your writing. Might be as well to wait until WordPress have fixed the fault or you’ll be even more confused! I’m can talk you through a pingback when the fault is fixed. 😊


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