Turning a House into a Home

“However painful the process of leaving home, for parents and for children, the really frightening thing for both would be the prospect of the child never leaving home!” ~ Robert Neelly Bellah.

This weekend the Saturday Photo Challenge over at GC and my other site Weekly Prompts is Old and New

If you are a regular follower (and I thank you), you may remember that my youngest, my twenty something son moved back home two years ago last December; he came home for Christmas and stayed. He sold his modern, new build, first-floor apartment and set about searching for a small house within his budget.

Last September he finally found the one. At the end of November the two up, two down, 100-year-old through terrace house (with bathroom) was finally his.

This is our story of turning his little house into a home.

Old for New and New for Old

Deciding he wanted to put his own stamp on the house, Joss recruited his friend’s father, a builder, to help him with a spot of renovation. His first task was to replace the neglected, dated bathroom along with its disgusting stained tiles and fungal growth that despite a ‘gallon of bleach’ refused to clean up to our standards.

Next, part of the landing wall was knocked down to lighten up the old and dark narrow staircase, then, a lower section of the staircase wall was removed to create an open plan staircase.

Finally, I asked a recently retired, bored decorator friend to give him a hand to paint the walls. At last, all was done and dusted, or so I thought.

Not content with his recent renovations, Joss resolved to brighten his kitchen further and colourise his grey kitchen units. Sister Sophie came to the rescue, and the cupboard doors were painted blue. His kitchen chairs didn’t escape either, as he and Sophie painted each chair a different colour.

Table and chairs

Joss's blue cupboards

At last his little house was ready to move into… or was it?

Having sold most of his furniture to the new owners of his flat, he needed to start again.

His first purchase was a new bed, his second a modern sofa, and then, changing tack from modern, he concluded his 100-year-old sitting room needed a more traditional look, or as his oldest sister, Victoria put it ‘old fashioned!’

Joss's Sitting Room

My attempt at ‘Estate agent’s Panoramic’ has created a ceiling curve!

With funding almost depleted, at the end of last week, Sophie and I set about bargain hunting. Our first port of call was to a favourite antique/junk shop situated underground on an old WWII ammunitions factory site where a few weeks ago Joss purchased a 60/70’s retro telephone and a small mahogany table.

This time, Sophie and I found a perfect mahogany cabinet for his TV and at a bargain price, we sent him a picture and quick as a flash a return message read “Buy it!”

On Easter Monday Joss and I returned to the antique/junk shop, and once again we bagged a couple of giveaways – a bedside table and a display stand for his sitting room.

After borrowing a bedside table lamp from me, the bedroom was complete and ready for its new owner, and during the afternoon, Joss moved into his new home. I did his dusting!

In one of our stables, where it had stood for the last four years was my old kitchen dresser, ready and waiting for a shabby chic makeover! Sophie’s next job!

It’s been a long, lonely old week!

SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Photo Challenge Old and New from Weekly Prompts

19 thoughts on “Turning a House into a Home

    1. I am exactly the same, and the sound it makes when we dial out and the ringer bell are exactly the same as they were. I wish I’d seen it first! Thank you Lucia

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  1. Murphy's Law

    What teamwork! And that rotary phone…..LOVE it! All the pieces of furniture are perfect as is the color scheme. I really like the different colored kitchen chairs. What a neat idea. I’m guessing Joss is going to settle into his new home just fine. All of you had a hand in making it “his”.

    And mom, that long, lonely old week will soon see you knee-deep in your own projects. Besides, look at the beautiful home you get to admire every time you visit Joss….or the little cafe next door!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Oh, thank you Ginger, I’m so glad you like it. He came back last night, initially with his laundry and for supper, but stayed the night. He’ll be back tomorrow to collect his laundry and more of his belongings. He’s only a ten minutes drive from here. Distance was part of the problem with his apartment, he felt too far away and cut off from all of us.


    1. After my husband died, the house was far too large for just me, but after forty years I didn’t want to leave. MY eldest and her husband and children, sold their house and bought into mine. We renovated, jiggled a few internal walls, extended and divided the house. This gave me a decent sized annex with two bedrooms. I chose to use my old dining room dresser in my new kitchen.
      I love that Joss now has the other dresser, he’s since put the little drawers in place and it looks good once more. Thank you Ken, I appreciate your comment.

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  2. I love going to antique/junk shops for treasures. They have so much character and ever so much more beauty than what you find in regular furniture shops. Plus the price is usually right. You guys did great.

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    1. We enjoyed ourselves each time, and lunch at the cafe next to the store was always welcome.
      I also purchased a couple of bargains, one ‘treasure’ in particular was a definite must, so I might do another post tomorrow and attempt another pingback to Weekly Prompts. Thank you Lois 🙂

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  3. What a super job you’ve all done, Sue! I’m sure Joss must feel very proud of his new abode. The furniture bargains are perfect for his period home & add style & character. I hope he’s soon settled in, it’s great that he’s not too far away too! 😊

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    1. I’m delighted you like his style Debbie. It fascinates me in the way he’s created two styles, a traditional restful sitting room and just the opposite in his colourful kitchen. I have a feeling he will settle well in his new home, especially as this time he’s not too far away.
      I feel fortunate that despite moving away when they were younger, all five of my children finally chose to settle down within ten minutes of me. Thank you for your kind comments Debbie, I appreciate them. 🙂


      1. Yes, he’s made lovely spaces for himself, & put his own stamp on things from the start. We used to live in an Edwardian terraced house, before we moved here, & I loved the traditional features that remained. It’s nice to see a young person who feels the same, but can also add modern touches that don’t look at all out of place. It must be a big comfort knowing your children are close by, Sue, I bet you have some fun, family get-togethers, how lovely! ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I always imagine you and Trev in a perfect Welsh Cottage.
        We do have fun Debbie and I’m so relieved they all chose to come home to roost! I have friends who hardly ever see their children; there but for the grace of God go I! Thank you Debbie 🙂

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      3. Yes, we do live in a cottage now, Sue, it’s certainly perfect for us ☺️..from one period home to another haha! That’s great to hear, so many siblings don’t get on either so for you all to enjoy each other’s company is very special, Sue. ❤️

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  4. A great work of remodelling. Everything looks just in place and I especially liked the old telephone along with the rich mahogany table – reminded me of our first ever telephone when I was in nursery school 😄

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    1. Hello Nemo, Oh, I love his telephone too. the photos were taken at different stages, and now everything is in place it really does look good. I was concerned that his style choice might make the room look like ‘Grandma’s place’, but now it’s all done it is a lovely comfortable home. Thank you for your lovely comments, Nemo. 🙂

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  5. Does the fire place still operate or is it just decorative now? I love fireplaces that work.

    I have a telephone just like that only in green, I’m tempted to get it out and use it, I suppose it can still be made to work. I’d like to have one of those big old black ones. Love that table the phone sits upon.

    I enlarged the pic with the cabinet in as much as possible to see if I could identify that ship. I thought perhaps Nelsons Victory, but on enlargement, no, and I can’t place it, hope you’re going to tell me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morning Brian,
      Just after six o’clock here and I’m awake far too early!

      Fireplace – Judging by the whistling when it’s windy I’d say the fireplace has never been blocked. So it’s feasible that it could work. He’s used to having open fires here at home so perhaps he might open it up one day.

      Telephone – it has been rewired etc or whatever one does to a phone to upgrade it for modern day use. Lovely isn’t it, we used to have green one too. I love the sound of the proper dial and the old ringing tone. Oh I agree I would love an old black one too.

      The little table was £10.00 and they let him have it for £8.00. I think these were called wine tables, though not certain.
      The photo with the boat and other bits was taken in the shop so I can’t tell you anything about it. Next time I’m over there I will look to see if it is still there. I’m glad you like his bits of furniture. 😊


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