A Pingback Test

I’m having problems today. The pingback I created on my most recent post ‘Turning a House into a Home’ hasn’t worked, the link sends me to our Photo Challenge Old and New on Weekly Prompts but there’s no visible pingback.

Obviously, I’ve done all the right things, but before I camp on the doorstep of WordPress and beg for help I shall try a test from this page.

If this works it must mean the fault is with my article, and that being the case I will need to copy the content from my faulty page delete the original and create a new one.

If This test doesn’t work then I can only assume that the fault is with my account which means I’ll need to contact WordPress and beg for help!

So Fingers Crossed!


Update: 5:00 PM 27th April (UK time)  

I’m impressed at how quickly WordPress responded to my cry for help, the message below was the second response today.

Message received earlier today from WordPress

Hello Sue,

Many thanks for getting back to me with the extra information, it’s been really helpful in trying to find an answer for you.

I’ve done some investigation into this and it looks like this is a rare, intermittent issue – but you’re absolutely right in the fact that you should be seeing those pingbacks.

A factor that makes this issue intermittent relates to a comment flooding mechanism.

Our developers are aware of occasional issues with pingbacks not appearing, and are looking into it. I’ve reported the information you’ve provided to our developers to help them on their way.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this issue will be fixed quickly. It’s a very intermittent issue that’s difficult to reproduce, and our developers need to reproduce the issue to try to fix it.

I know the above doesn’t offer a resolve, but I am hoping it offers an explanation.

I hope the above helps.


There’s nothing else I can do, and I feel pretty useless that I’m unable fix my own problem.

11 thoughts on “A Pingback Test

    1. This is the first time I’ve had problems with pingbacks. I had problems a couple of weeks ago with Previewing drafts on the iPad and that was immediately after WP did their recent iOS update.
      I’ve tried deleting the links on both my PC and the iPad and starting again and I’ve double checked all settings including the ones on Weekly Prompts. Thank you for your comment, it’s appreciated.

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    2. I’ve heard back from WordPress and have pasted their most recent reply into this post. Seeing as you sometimes have this problem I thought you might be interested to read what they have to say.


    1. My posts are publishing without problem, but not showing the pingbacks on the site I’ve linked to. There is a pingback on Weekly Prompts but it’s not mine. I’ve tried viewing through the App and online via the site itself. WordPress are now looking into it. Thanks Derrick.

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      1. Oh I hope so too Derrick. WP has been very efficient in responding given it’s the weekend.
        I’ve pasted their last reply with an explanation onto the ‘Pingback Test’ Post.
        Thank you Derrick, most appreciated.

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  1. The Ragtag Daily Prompts was having pingback issues the past couple days, also. Don’t know that it was resolved, so this does not surprise me. Aggravating more than anything, so I hope they are able to fix it pretty darn quickly.

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    1. Hello Lois, Initially, I wondered if it was because I usually schedule the posts on both Nan’s farm and Weekly Prompts, and thought it might be something to do with that. Soon scrapped that idea as the ‘Pingback Test’ was published live and that pingback did not work either. Thanks Lois


    1. Okay, – Pingbacks. When you take part in a word prompt or a photo challenge you create a pingback to the site that has issued the challenge. This is done by copying the URL of the other site’s prompt page. On your own article you highlight the prompt word and create a hyperlink by pasting the URL into the box. It is very simple and probably sounds more complicated than it is. On our site Weekly Prompts I created a help section called How-To and included instructions for creating pingbacks. Old habits die hard, I used to have a How-To page when I managed IT in my school. We had a high number of staff who were uncomfortable with computing.
      Pingbacks are good because they allow others to meet you and visit your site, through this you begin to build up a community of online friends, which as you know normally takes time to do. 🙂👍


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