Big Sister

This weekend, over on our site Weekly Prompts, my partner GC and I chose SPHERE as the Saturday Photo Challenge.

Last year, on my birthday, my son gave me this ornamental globe of the World. “Now you can see where all your blogging friends are!” 


Now wouldn’t that be fun, having your very own looking glass, and having the ability to zoom in like Google Earth and watch what everyone is doing at any given time instead of reading about it. Big sister is watching you, Oh, wait a minute that’s why we have satellites!  

And talking about watching you, or to be more precise listening, these giant ‘golf balls’ that are just a twenty minute drive from my home continue to be a source of fascination to me, intriguing aren’t they?

“RAF Menwith Hill, an intelligent space that collects and analyses data gathered from satellites, phone tapping, and the interception of Internet traffic” featured here a couple of years ago.

A joint-venture between the UK and the US, is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom and government subsidised by the UK taxpayer, it is primarily used by the joint UK and US military intelligence communication service.

Menwith sits atop and beneath English soil here in the Yorkshire Dales and can be seen from miles around.  


View of Menwith Hill

Menwith Hill 2

Close up of Menwith Hill

SONY DSCAnd an added extra, a zoomed in shot of the yellow moon taken last night. I used my trusty old DSLR Sony 200 and used the long lens. I don’t know enough about photography to understand why the background has come out as a perfect black, something to do with zooming in perhaps? Hopefully, one of you may enlighten me.

(C) 2019 Photo Challenge SPHERE from Weekly Prompts


22 thoughts on “Big Sister

  1. Our tax dollars hard at work. . . Spying on us.
    Here we would have another sign that read a “KEEP OUT. Use of lethal force authorized”
    It is fun to look to see where your blogging buddies reside.

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    1. Hello Ray, there are loads of warning signs, but I quite liked this old one. There are also cameras all the way around the perimeter fence.

      Unless you live near somewhere like this, many people are ignorant of the military bond and are unaware of how closely our two countries work together, not just as partners fighting actual wars, but also gathering and sharing intelligence.
      I live close to an airport where military exercises involving Canada, the USA. and the UK take place.

      There’s also a very large community of American civilian and military and their families as well as the British and all living in the area close to Menwith Hill.


  2. Murphy's Law

    You really aced the prompt Sue! And those “things” absolutely look like giant golf balls! But they’re kinda spooky. I just have to laugh every time a notice comes in the mail assuring me of my continued privacy or I sign something in the doctors office guaranteeing my privacy…..what a joke! There is no privacy anymore.

    Your son is very clever to think of giving you a globe….and such a beautiful one to boot!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Ooh thank you Ginger!
      Absolutely right Ginger, no privacy anywhere!
      I find it annoying when I have to verbally give out my name and full address in a public area and sometimes date of birth. I think I might start showing a personal address card instead.
      Oh, Lord, Does that sound a little paranoid?

      If I could have changed the globe to a larger one I would have because the writing is a little small, but he’d bought it too far in advance. I love it though and it was a brilliant idea.

      Thank you again for your comments 🙂


      1. Murphy's Law

        Hahahah! Not paranoid at all. I’ve thought about writing the info down on an index card for these occasions. Too many times in a doctor’s waiting room the receptionist calls out in a LOUD, clear voice, “Mr. Doe, are you still at 111 Main Street, Anywhere, USA? And is your phone # still, 123-555-0000?

        🐾Ginger 🐾

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      2. Exactly, no privacy at all!
        I once discreetly picked up a pack of suppositories from the local chemist shop (pharmacy/drug store) The pharmacist turned me and in a loud voice asked Have you used these suppositories before? By now Mortified, I turned to him and said… No I haven’t and Please Do Not tell me how to use them! 😂


    1. They do Les, and can you imagine the size of the clubs? Everyone here just refers to them as the golf balls.
      There are tall fences, and the road runs quite close. Officially this a is no stopping area so I don’t hang around longer than a minute. I’ve been told that a military vehicle soon appears for this offence.

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      1. Yes, it struck me to picture the size of the driver . . . not of the car!
        You don’t need to stop to get multiple pictures of them. Or launch a nice little rocket.

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  3. Trouble with that globe is that it’s upside down, it has the Northern hemisphere at the top. It should be at the bottom

    The Souther Hemisphere is at the top,

    Australia in the Southern part is sliding down towards the equator, I a few million years or so it will bump into India, and shove the Himalayas up even higher.

    Australia is too big too heavy to slide UP so therefore we must be sliding DOWN, which means we are on top!
    I’m sure that you will agree with this perfectly logical explanation and turn your globe thing up the right way 👿


  4. If I turned it upside down it would have a halo and I would be unable to read where you are, plus I could no longer refer to you as being Down Under and I’d have to say you were Over the Top! 😀
    Nice one Brian, and thank you for putting The World to rights 😂


    1. PePa, thank you for your kind comments. I hadn’t noticed the full yellow moon until my daughter phoned at bedtime and told me to get out of bed and take a picture of it. My camera is big and cumbersome and must be over ten years old now, but it still takes those great shots. Thanks again 🙂


      1. Apologies PePa. I have just discovered this comment in the Spam folder, along with a number of others that really should not have ended up there. Thank you for your kind comments 🙂

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  5. We have a couple of those too Sue. Infact I could almost see it when I photographed my cobbled wall. We also have plenty of ‘keep out or else’ warning signs. It’s very close to the cliff face that made the news – the netting covering sand martins nesting sites.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Someone thought it was a good idea to cover up sand martins burrows (in the cliff face) to protect the Bacton site. Bacton is where North Sea gas arrives here in Norfolk….anyway, sand martins started to arrive, as they do in their migration and got caught up in the nets. Chris Packham and RSPB outraged as we all were and managed to have them removed. Thankfully the birds are now checking out their old homes ‘net free’.

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