The sting in the tail!

“It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive and probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper.” ~R. Serling.

This weekend, over on our site Weekly Prompts, GC and I chose ADVERTISING as the Saturday Photo Challenge.

My own response resembles more of a WordPrompt than a Photo challenge, but I do have a granddaughter’s drawing and an actual photo!

For me, the unwanted adverts that accompany e-mail notifications from free WordPress sites, and on the sites themselves have become something of an annoyance.

Does anyone else see the irony in paying for a site so that you don’t see adverts only to find you are confronted with them in the notification e-mails, and on the sites themselves, yet the free sites they originate from don’t view them?

It’s the advertising from free sites that provide the bulk of WP’s income. I understand that, but if I pay for a service to avoid adverts, why should I be subjected to everyone else’s?

The other day one such site offered me Breast Augmentation! There is something so very wrong about that.



The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is my usual television channel of choice. For the benefit of overseas visitors, the BBC relies on a licence fee to finance the programmes shown. If I wish to watch any other channel, I choose to record or watch Catch Up so that I can skip the adverts.


Spiders make me very uncomfortable and at my worst I am frozen with fear. Most days, at bedtime I do a spider sweep with my eyes.

Around two or three years back, as a relatively new blogger I wrote a post relating to an incident and my fear of spiders. The Intruder!

red eyed spider


I might not enjoy seeing adverts, but I am sometimes swayed by the Hype.

Last August I read an advert for Spider Repellent and immediately I was hooked! I purchased two bottles, and every couple of weeks since then each room in my house has been sprayed in the areas recommended. It appeared to work, and so much so, we didn’t even see a spider during the spider mating season in September/October.

Recently I spotted an advert for another Spider repellent, the hype shouted out to me “We are cheaper than our competitors And it works” I fell for it, after all it was £2.00 cheaper!  

Spider Sprays

The new repellent arrived and I happily sprayed in all the correct places. That evening I recoiled in horror when I spotted a spider running across my bedroom ceiling! The following day another spider ran across my sitting room carpet.

I had been taken in by the advertising and now I was paying the price. Why did I try to save money? £2.00 is neither here nor there and certainly wouldn’t have been missed!

(C) 2019 Photo Challenge Advertising from Weekly Prompts

37 thoughts on “The sting in the tail!

    1. Sometimes I remember an advert for what happened in the scenes. but then realise I hadn’t a clue what the product was! Yes so much better to skip them. Thanks Andrew.


  1. Murphy's Law

    The amount of advertising today is beyond stupid. And it isn’t just for products any more or repairs on your car. It’s for doctors, lawyers, hospitals…you name it. If the pharmaceutical companies stopped advertising and let the doctors recommend the medication we should take, we’d probably pay little to nothing for those meds.

    I don’t know how it is on your side of the pond, but here they’ll show an ad for, let’s say Toyota. Then an ad will come on for hemorrhoid cream. And then we get to see the Toyota ad AGAIN!! 😡😡😡

    My husband mutes the ads, and sometimes, without the sound, they can be funny to watch. Key word here is “sometimes”!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Fortunately, my favourite channel doesn’t show adverts. Another channel I watch does show adverts and often has sponsorship for particular programmes so I often see bits of the same advert as I start fast forward and again at the end of the adverts. I save such a lot of time by recording those channels that show adverts. I just cannot watch them! Thank you Ginger.


  2. I try to do the washing up during the commercials but there are some adverts I still enjoy , in spite of seeing them over and over again. The one that comes to mind is the specsavers one where the man tries to revive a dead cat, only to find it is a hat. When the cat swallows I laugh, every time! I suppose anticipating the ending adds to the fun.
    However there are plenty where I like the story but forget what is being advertised.Then there are the ones that want you to respond by entering a competition. I used to feel tempted by the ones for Yorkshire when they said, ‘bring your dog’ but the recent ones have been for four people and look like they are somewhere miles from shops.
    We like to be able to potter round places, not have to get in the car to buy groceries.We did once have a great holiday on the North York moors, at a sheep farm and I saw grouse for the first time but that was when we were fitter and could walk further.
    There’s a spider in my recent poem. I’ll post it later.

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    1. I haven’t seen the Specsaver advert but that’s probably because I wind on all the adverts! My son occasionally watches a channel where there are adverts and if I’m in the room I might see the odd one.

      I’m not near enough to a grocery store to walk there so I have to drive. Occasionally I walk down to the village to the pub, newsagents and bakery but we no longer have a general store.

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  3. I recall Debbie changing channels when the adverts came on during a thriller. There was a thriller too on the channel she had switched to. However, I didn’t realise what she had done and ended totally confused as I had sat through two different programs 😁

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  4. I never knew they could advertise about half the things they do on TV. I won’t even go into it because I am sure you have it on your shows also, but…..oh my gosh. I am not a big TV fan at all, but when I do my husband and I laugh that ‘these people are going to list this ad on their resume’??? Unbelievable.

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    1. I think America shows more adverts than we do and for products we don’t advertise. Ladies’ sanitary adverts brought about cries of horror when first shown on TV here, and that’s about as bad as it gets.

      Adverts for churches, doctors and lawyers are not shown here. Thanks Lois 🙂

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      1. Oh Sue–we always laugh at the ads that start with “I’m a doctor…” Cue the stethoscope around his neck. Yup. I am so sure he needs the money this bad to made a cheesy TV ad. It is almost hilarious. Almost. 😀

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      2. I imagine you lose respect and become distrustful of the medical profession when confronted with this type of self promotion. Thank you Lois 🙂


  5. gc

    Advertisers rely on a person’s gullibility and not their sense of need. The only needy people here are the product promoters and their cadres of product pushers.

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    1. So true Gerry. Now, where my spider repellent was concerned, I believed the advert and I happily changed my first product to save a very small amount of money! Why did I do that, I don’t need to penny pinch. I certainly will not do that again!

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  6. With regards to tv advertising, I think we probably watch more BBC programmes than commercial stations, too, so avoid as many as possible. If we are watching commercial live tv though, it’s difficult to avoid them, even if you try to use the time they’re on to your own advantage, by doing something else, while they’re on. I’ve often watched an ad & had no idea what they’re trying to sell, such a waste! I think it’s very easy to be influenced by the way they pitch against another brand, price wise, supposedly doing the same job for less. None of us like to think we’ve been duped into paying a higher price than we need to, which is where I think they may have partly got to you, Sue. I’d probably react in exactly the same way. The bigger disappointment is when it doesn’t work, & you go back to what did work in the first place! I try to ignore social media ads as much as possible & often hide them on Facebook, especially the extremely repetitive ones! You hit the nail on the head though, by saying it’s how the companies make their money, & in the ever-increasing world of competition, I guess there will only be more..aargh! 😫

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    1. I came off Facebook. It’s changed completely from when it first began which is when I joined, and not in a good way either.

      I never watch anything at the time it’s shown unless it’s BBC. I use Sky to record anything that interests me or I’ll use Catch Up. I appreciate that’s how programmes are funded but I would far rather pay another licence fee than waste time watching adverts. Thank you Debbie, I appreciated your comments.

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      1. You’re right, Sue, Facebook has changed. I see a lot less content that I want to see, & who knows about the algorithms they use etc! I only find it useful to keep in contact with chosen folk who live a long distance away, especially now we’ve moved.
        You may have something there, with another licence to rid us of adverts! I couldn’t listen to commercial radio, that’s for sure!

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      2. Oh, Debbie! Never even thought about commercial radio! Yes you left a lot of people behind and Facebook is a brilliant way to keep in touch. 🙂

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  7. Our ABC which is/was modelled on the BBC comes free of charge, we have no licence fees here!

    It’s my choice too, can’t stand ads.

    The security mob that i use offered me a good deal the other day, they’d cut out all the ads, and it’d only cost me $24 pa, as a special offer.

    So I said okay

    Now I have more ads than I know what to do with, I mean to get on to them and demand my money back, but I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic of late and can’t be bothered. I think that’s what they were hoping for!

    As you see Im running late and catching up

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