Guilty or Not Guilty?

JURYDo you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth while not crossing your fingers behind your back?”~ Leigh Rubin.

The midweek word-prompt on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is FAIRNESS. Gerry tells us about a conversation with his barber and questions the reasons for red light cameras. This is my response to our prompt.

Red light camera 2When chatting to his barber, the subject turned to traffic tickets that are backed up by camera evidence. His lady barber mentioned she’d recently run a red light because of being tailgated by the vehicle behind, and consequently, she disputed the fine (traffic ticket) because she felt it was unfair.

When you consider that the lady in question eventually had her fine reduced, it could be argued that she was dealt with fairly. On the other hand, was it unfair of the relevant authorities to continue issuing her traffic ticket? 

Let’s imagine and compare a different situation, one where a person attacks another. Would it be unfair to arrest that person if the reason for the attack was because they  were nervous and concerned that the other person might do them harm?

In another scenario, is it fair to convict someone and send them to prison for killing a man because they mistakenly thought he was armed with a gun?

Three situations and all with a similar theme; each of the accused considered themselves to be a potential victim, each of them believed that in breaking the law they did the right thing.

So, members of the jury, what do you think about each of the cases presented before you, what’s your verdict?

Guilty or Not Guilty, Fair or Unfair?

(C) 2019 Word-prompt  FAIRNESS from Weekly Prompts.

Clipart courtesy of Google.

19 thoughts on “Guilty or Not Guilty?

  1. Tricky questions, indeed. I would imagine that what should carry sway here is what accounts to a reasonable assumption in the circumstances. If the film footage showed that nothing was coming or likely to come the other way at the red light, and that by running it a tailgating had been avoided, barber should have been let off and motorist following ticketed.
    Similarly, if circumstances had been that a reasonable assumption could be made of danger from an armed person — not only apparently in possession of a firearm but about to use it — and the only available means of defense was lethal force, then it would be justified.
    Hard to prove. It didn’t work in the case of Oscar Pistorius, although there no assumption was made that the ‘intruder’ was armed.

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    1. I agree with you regarding the truck tailgating the barber. Apparently, the fine was reduced because of the camera evidence. Perhaps she should have attempted to have truck driver charged with dangerous driving.

      I had completely forgotten about your Oscar Pistorius. Thank you Les.

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      1. Me neither Andrew. I have this minute replied to Derrick and told of my daughter’s experience when just eighteen. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to contact her for an update as I’d hoped to add a little more.

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    1. One of my daughters served when she was just eighteen and I believe, though not certain, she was still in the sixth form, certainly before university! She said she felt she shouldn’t have been there, it was too grown up, and she was completely out of her depth and lacked experience of the world.

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  2. I think there is always two sides to ever fairness story, and hopefully hopefully commonsense and fair judgement prevails.
    I’ve managed to do a poem for your prompt Sue, I’ll send it after found a picture and a song.

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    1. Oh fantastic Ivor! Thank you.

      I haven’t had a chance to check my reader today, you might have posted an update on your health. But I’ll ask anyway; how are you feeling today, do you feel any better since you were re-admitted to hospital again? 🙂


  3. Murphy's Law

    Wow! My brain hurts thinking about this one! In the case of the barber, there was camera evidence so a reduced fine was a no-brainier.

    In the second scenario, my understanding is that the person who first lays hands on another person is at fault. Doesn’t matter if you “think” they were going to hurt you. And I can tell you this Sue, if I thought someone was about to harm me I wouldn’t be charging into the lions den. I would be running away and yelling for help! Lol!

    The third scenario… I wouldn’t want to be on that jury! I don’t know the law, but I imagine you would be found guilty. And in a jury trial, I’m not sure much “justice” prevails. It seems to boil down to who has the more charismatic, likable, witty, “user friendly” lawyer….not whether you’re actually innocent or guilty. Just look at the O. J. Simpson case. If Johnny Cochran had been the prosecuting attorney, OJ would never have seen the light of day again. I rest my case!!

    And Sue, I don’t know if you saw my response to your comment on Lois’ post yesterday. If not, you cracked me up with that song. I’m still laughing. I’ve never heard it before, but I’m glad I did yesterday because it changed my whole mood. I opted for eating chocolate instead of worms! 😂😂😂
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. So glad you liked the song. I assumed that’s what you were referring to in the first place! Hope you enjoyed the chocolate! I am on a catch up this morning so will get there shortly.

      I think Les (Colonialist) had it spot on with his comments. I agree with you Ginger, attack first because you may or may not be in danger is not a good idea and in most countries it’s against the law. As usual, Thank you for your comments, always appreciated 🙂


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  5. People tail gate me I put on the warning blinkers then slam on the brakes. To hell with them. I will not run the red or amber for any clown that wants to run up my tail.ever!

    Seeing that illustration at the top reminded me that I received a letter from the Sherriff to say I’d been selected for Jury Service and am on the roll for 12 months.

    I rang her office, we have a female Sheriff appaentley and advised them that I’b be happy to serve, and that I’m in my 84 year, the hearings not the best and I do need to go potty quite often, I was told that I am now removed permanently from the roll;

    I was so looking forward to serving, truly.

    Always wanted to be called up for jury duty! now I miss out, but they did ask me if I needed any special attention whatever 😦

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    1. Love your reply to the Sheriff! My daughter sat waiting around in backrooms for hours on end for two weeks and served on three trials.

      I dread being called for jury service, for the reason of too much sitting still. My joints seize up if I sit for an hour! 😢

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