What’s up now?


Almost FIVE hours ago at 07:02 AM (UK time) my scheduled post  ‘BEST THING EVER‘ was published here on Nan’s Farm.

Two minutes previously, at 07:00 AM our scheduled Weekly Prompts post  ‘BEST BUY‘ was published and immediately appeared on the Reader. So where is my one from Nan’s Farm?

I gave it a chance and waited two hours before I contacted WordPress. This is not the first time my articles have received a long delay before appearing on the reader.

When we created our Challenge site Weekly Prompts, we deliberately published our articles early in the day so that the majority of the world could read our posts on the day they were published. Always assuming they want to!! 😀

WordPress became a source of annoyance to me in the way it published on North American time, almost as though the rest of us didn’t count. It was 13:00 hours before the UK received the prompt, and hours later in European countries and South Africa and almost the end of the day in Australia. It’s impossible to cover everyone but at least we try.

Why they didn’t schedule the prompts for after midnight is beyond me.

Anyway, enough of my complaints. I expect my article will turn up sooner or later.

FINALLY, my post BEST THING EVER has appeared on the reader, only took five hours to get there! 😂

28 thoughts on “What’s up now?

  1. I’m having similar problems, Sue. Very frustrating and in the middle of it all I had a power cut which certainly hasn’t helped. I think sometimes, the people at WordPress are so technically engrossed that they forget about the users that simply want to blog.

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    1. I agree Jason. I reported to WP and eventually they got back to me, ten hours after the post was published to say they could see it in the reader!
      I replied and yes you can see it in the reader ten hours after it was published, but It took Five hours to get there!

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  2. gc

    Well partner I don’t know what the problem is but then again I do. It is Word Press’s way of not considering their users ( both paying and non paying) situations. It is as though WP is here for the bucks and the hell with the rest.

    You and I and a lot of other users have tried knocking our heads against this indifferent giant. Best thing to do is write more articles as you have just done and hope public sentiment and outrage will change the opinions of these autistic media moguls. xx

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    1. My gut feeling tells me this was not human error, more probably a computer blip, however, the human element here should be on to this and fixing it.
      I heard from WP ten hours after I flagged up the problem, just to say they could see the post on the reader! Thank you love xx


    1. Oh, Les, that makes me feel so bad about complaining. Having read all your posts on this I realise png with the power cuts all this must have been the most frustrating.

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    1. I can believe Brian. I saw the word Reader, assumed it was something like the Internet ‘Reader View Available’ and ignored it for a long time. When I realised, I still mostly relied on my e-mails. Recently, I had so many to read, including comment alerts etc, I thought Enough’s Enough! And I set about editing the settings and removed most of my e-mail alerts of new posts. I still have a few alerts via e-mails but mostly rely on the Reader, which is apparently what most people do!

      I think ploughing through e-mails is one of the most time consuming activities and just lately time is something I’ve had little of.

      I now prefer the Reader because I can see at a glance whether or not I’ve read a post simply by LIKE being lit up. I still manage to get behind with my reading though!
      I’ve also given up on reading every post of those who publish several times a day.

      Blogging has become an obsession for some people, almost as though there is little else in their lives and for that I sympathise, but I can’t cope with the overload. Mostly, I stop following when that happens.
      Gosh I have harped on today! 😀


    1. The following day a WP engineer contacted me and asked me to monitor my site, especially when I publish a post. They were very helpful once they realised what was happening.

      I enjoy blogging too, it scratches that itch, and I’ve met some lovely people here. 🙂

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      1. MNL

        wow, that’s awesome that they did. that’s the first I’ve heard they’ve done that.

        I totally agree with “scratching that itch” (definitely addicted here) and met some lovely people.

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    1. Click My Site and on any page including Edit mode a question mark pops up on the bottom right, one of the options presented is Contact Us. I am unsure whether this is part of the package I pay for.
      As an alternative the link below will take you to a support page. Contact Us is at the bottom of the page. https://en.support.wordpress.com/

      When we first set up our Weekly Prompts site last June, in response to a couple of queries we created a How To section with pictures. We keep adding to this whenever we have a query. Your How To contact WP question will be added today. Thanks Margo.


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