Best Thing Ever

This weekend the Photo Challenge on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is Best Buy. This is my own response to our challenge.

It’s a safe bet to assume that most of us own something that we regard as our ‘Best Buy’.

For me, the absolute best thing ever, is my home, the small farm that we purchased 43 years ago this week. 

When I leave my favourite Charity farm coffee shop after meeting up with friends, I can see my red roofed home in the centre of the distant horizon. I never fail to pause awhile, take in the view and say a quiet thank you.SONY DSC

No matter how far I travel, I always come home.

Moving on to smaller purchases, until a few weeks ago I regarded my little Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine as my ‘Best Buy’, even though it was a gift.

Now, not wishing to give my morning coffee and bedtime Horlicks a back seat, I have added to my ‘Best Buy’ list.

First on the recent purchase list has to be the washing machine stabilizer cushion that fits between the top of the machine and the worktop (counter, bench). In the UK. £13.95 from Amazon. Recently developed here in England so not sure where else they are available.

Washing machine stabilizer

My washine machine broke down. I asked the repairman if while he was in my laundry room, he’d check that the machine feet were level because it was noisy when spinning. He told me the wooden floor was the problem. The floor is designed to move slightly, which means the machine will continue to vibrate. He recommended this little beauty. My machine is now so quiet I don’t even hear it spin! The inflated cushion (difficult to photograph) can just be seen below in situ.


Next to be reviewed here are slow cooker liners, why have I not used these brilliant liners before? No cleaning up whatsoever! If in the UK. £1.00 per pack most supermarkets. 

Slow cooker liners

IMG_1782Stew and dumplings, and I didn’t need to clean the pot!

What about you? Why not share your tips for best buy on Weekly Prompts? The link is below.

(C) 2019 Photo Challenge Best Buy from Weekly Prompts

19 thoughts on “Best Thing Ever

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  3. Our best buy is also our home; a bungalow purchased when we retired from living in Quarters. As for little things I guess it might be our golden wedding rings. I can’t think of anything practical that I couldn’t either improve on or live without. The other thing that gives us great joy is the bird bath in the garden. Watching the woodpigeons splashing about in it always makes me laugh.If I knew how to add a photo I’d show you as I do have a picture on wordpress. Julie

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  4. Murphy's Law

    First off I have to say you live in the most magnificent setting! I would never accomplish anything if I lived there Sue because I would spend all my time going from window to window gazing out! Lol.

    The biggie Best Buy for me would also be our home. One level, easy maintenance. For myself personally, and don’t laugh, it would be my toasty warm, full-length bathrobe I purchased from Lands’ End 25 years ago!! All these years and it still looks new. How many things can you say that about? No matter how cold I am in the winter, when I put on my robe, I am warm and snug as a bug in a rug!! It better not die before I do! Lol. 😂😂
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Love your Best Buy, I love a warm, snuggly dressing gown (robe). Thank you for your kind comments about my little corner of Yorkshire.

      We are five minutes drive from an international airport, ten minutes drive from a small Market town and twenty five minutes from the large city of Leeds, so it’s not only a beautiful spot to live it’s also very convenient too. Thank you Ginger 🙂


  5. No wonder you consider your farm as your Best Buy & say a little thank you for it, Sue, you have every reason to be proud.
    Well, I didn’t know about the slow cooker liners, what a great tip..thank you, I’ll look out for them next time I’m shopping! My pot is quite large & very heavy, it would be brilliant not having to clean it every time I use it.
    My Best Buy…definitely our house, here in Llangunllo, which has changed my life. Driving lessons would probably be 2nd, I didn’t pass my test until 2007, so a late learner, but it’s been invaluable. Finally, I’ve had so much fun & pleasure using a little clip-on macro lens for my phone..micro worlds are so fascinating!

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    1. I’ve only been to Wales twice and I thought it was beautiful. Since then I’ve viewed it umpteen times on Escape to the Country so I am not surprised your big move is your Best Buy.
      I bought a multi lens set for my camera mainly because of the lens, but I couldn’t get it to fasten on. I passed the box and contents to my sixteen year old grandson and asked him to try to fix to his phone. At the time he was home recovering from surgery, he did it straight away and became fascinated by it. It relieved his boredom and I ended up giving it to him.
      Perhaps I might purchase another and try again.

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      1. The lenses I bought were quite cheap, from Amazon. The set comprised of a wide angle, fisheye & macro, which clip on over the phone lens. I haven’t tried a zoom lens for it, though. I love my DSLR camera, but the phone is so convenient to carry on walks. Sounds like you let your Grandson have a lovely gift at the right time, hope he’s all recovered now. It’s worth getting some more, one day, when you’re ready, it’s amazing what detail you can see, even with a cheap piece of kit.

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      2. Yes, I think I might purchase another set. Thanks for asking about Grandson Max. Four weeks on He is back at school following his shoulder injury of torn cartilage playing rugby. Though still limited on what he is allowed to do.

        I also use my phone more than my DSLR, so convenient, though I’m planning on using my DSLR this morning on my walk, providing the rain keeps off! Thanks Debbie.

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    1. Oh yes you must. These liners were from Sainsbury’s and they are so good. The washing machine pillow works too, my daughter uses one now and it holds the machine firmly to the floor and the noise is greatly reduced.

      The Charity farm cafe (Caring for Life ) has lovely views. We have good views from the loft bedrooms but from lower down they are not quite as far reaching as they were forty years ago because of the tree growth (not ours) . Thank you Selina

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  6. gc

    Love the article and you Susan. Does the washing machine require some type of advanced degree in engineering to get it to work? Guess I am just baffled by all the wizardry attached to modern day conveniences. xx

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    1. Well my love, since you asked, it is a computerised washing machine and you shouldn’t be surprised about that. The repair was to the motherboard of all things! It is a brilliant and almost silent machine! Another Best Buy! xx

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  7. Would you believe I can’t think of any best buy! Not a thing, unless you count my books.

    Would you believe I’ve never bought a house, and never wanted to?

    I nearly got conned into buying/building once back in 1966, But the thought of being tied down, even for a minute, was unbearable, We, the WO and I, nearly did, back in the 1981 but I pulled a swifty and got out of it.

    I must have a motor car always, I can;t be without one; I still have an unrestricted driving licence, and can go through like a Bondi whenever I feel like it 😈

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    1. I think you’ve spelt out why I wanted to own our own home. Perhaps for me it cemented us a couple. It also meant we’d moved up the social ladder. Over here owning your own home means you’ve made it. Obviously there are various rungs of the ladder, the higher you climb the more important your status.
      Well that’s the way it used to be, now, not so much. These days property is out of the reach of many which means it’s going back to the way it used to be when you lived over here, more landlords.

      I give up, what is a Bondi? The first thing that came to mind was a reference to James Bond, but not heard that before. Apologies but I cannot understand the American and Australian way of abbreviating every word, town and state and the way of changing words! Sorry Brian not a criticism just a fact! 🙂


      1. going through like a Bondi, refers to the old trams that ran from the City of Sydney to Bondi, you may have herd of Bondi Beach, The English love it and take over there NYs eve. The trams really used to “shoot through” going hell bent to get to there destination probably is the meaning

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