A Deep-seated Aim!

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.”~ W.C. Fields.

The midweek Word-prompt on Weekly Prompts, the Challenge Site I share with my partner GC is BAFFLING.

Speech and old me 2

And baffled is what I became when he told me the context of his prompt.

Ey up lad, whatever next?

Why not simply push one’s pants down to one’s ankles and take aim, surely that would make things a whole lot easier? Ah well, mine is not to reason why and, as Gerry said, these little things are sent to try us, his words not mine!

Have I got your attention?  In that case, you must read our Midweek Prompt forthwith where all will be relieved, oops, I meant revealed!   When you’ve done, come back here, and I’ll finish off.

Why do I need to stand up? That was a question my own little boy asked, he could not understand why, after a few months of sitting on a potty, he had to up stand up to wee (pee) instead of sitting down like his sisters.

I think sitting down is a practical idea and if little boys continued to do that there would be far less of “Lift up the seat for goodness sake!”  Or “Aim for the back of the bowl.

The year two boys’ toilet floor was often wet, and I realised that the point and aim skill of some of the boys was somewhat inaccurate.

Speech and old me 3

I placed a ping pong ball into the toilet bowl and instructed the boys to aim for it. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, I had to remove it because of its popularity;  we’d never had so many little boys asking to go to the toilet, including  boys from other classes who were suddenly very eager to use our facilities!

© SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Word-prompt Baffling from Weekly Prompts


Thank you to daughter Sophie for her little drawings.

21 thoughts on “A Deep-seated Aim!

  1. I’m not so baffled Sue, After a few months of not aiming straight, and then clean-up my own floor as well, however I think my shots are on the improve, judging by the number I have to clean the floor, has now decreased !!

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    1. Sounds like I should have given you the ping pong idea much earlier! 😀 I’m so pleased things are improving for you. I would never of thought about this necessity being included in the limitations for gentlemen who have suffered a stroke.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    Fun post Sue. Your readers could really get into a “pissing contest” with this one!! Lol. My husband is 80 years old today. A few years back he was having trouble aiming into the bowl because…….well, he didn’t have much to aim with any more! 😳 “So, just sit down”, I said. “Men don’t sit to pee, they stand”, he responded. I was BAFFLED. “Show me the law that says a man has to stand to pee.” Yup, he sits now!!

    Something that BAFFLES me is shirts and blouses. Looking down at garment while wearing it, the buttons on a woman’s blouse are on the left, and they’re on the right side on a man’s shirt. Why? Did the designers think if the button placement was the same men and women wouldn’t know a shirt from a blouse? WTH?!!

    Love your daughters sketches.

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Happy Birthday to your husband, I hope you both have a very lovely day.
      I agree Ginger, why not sit down, after all, they sit down for the other job.

      I think whoever decided to have buttons for men on the other side must have been a left hander! Thank you for your great comment Ginger 🙂


  3. gc

    Well partner I did not mean to “piss” anyone off. But I certainly was when I realized that my male member was facing ( so to speak) an uphill situation. I know the expression “a hole in one” is a typical golf expression but in this instance I could have tried urinating in a toilet bowl the size of a bloody swimming pool with the same sopping results.

    A while ago Sean Connery was asked bout Roger Moore playing the tole of James Bond. His quote to the reporters indicated that in his ( Connery’s opinion” ) that Moore was so refined and proper that he properly did squat down to pee. Remember his “shaken not stirred” ramblings!! Spot on love!

    On the other side of the wee wee dispute there is a lot of merit for a man to also sit down to pee. The drop to the bowl is easier, your aim can be terrible with no visible side effects ( consider the trickle effect but more importantly the floor around the bowl remains dry and almost pristine.

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  4. In the late 60’s Jimmy Breslin wrote a book called, ” The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight”. I think a deserving rename for us old codgers would be “The Gang Who couldn’t Pee Straight.” Long live urinals!! Cheers.

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