The Future’s Orange!

ORANGE FLOWERS resized“Donald Trump is sensitive about all things fake, so don’t share his photo far and wide, and please don’t mention his hair, you might hurt his feelings!” Anon.

This weekend the Photo Challenge on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is Orange.

The future’s bright the future’s orange! Does anyone remember this phone network slogan?  For twenty years it was the top dog, well, in the UK it was.

I looked into the future via my little crystal ball, okay it was my computer, and hardly spherical  but look what I found!


Tangoed? A British Comedian doing a pretty decent impression of someone we all know!


Looks like someone else is trying to get in on the act!


Lifted from a video message; talking with my hands, must be the orange influence!

(C) 2019 Photo Challenge ORANGE from Weekly Prompts

19 thoughts on “The Future’s Orange!

  1. A good imitation of that mouth I would love to bung up with a fat banana. The other wig-wearers look a great deal more intelligent, by the way!
    I like the portrait of you making a point!

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    1. The comedian is said to do a brilliant impression of Trump. The Alpacas are on a neighbours farm. They opened a little farm shop and sectioned off a small area of the farm so that visitors can view some of the animals. Nothing too commercial just small and friendly.
      Glad you like the one of me, as you say, making a point!

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  2. It seems all the daft world leaders have strange heads of hair. Look at Donald Trump when he met Kim Jong Un last week. They both looked like they needed a decent Barber. We also have Alpacas by us and the Grandchildren love to see them, they are very friendly animals.

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    1. So true Trev, must be something to do with the strange mindset peculiar to world leaders. I imagine your grandchildren do enjoy seeing the alpacas, mine do too. for 50p visitors can buy a small bag of nuts and hand feed them, so tame. There were more in the fields and a small group indoors. Years back they gave us some of their orphan lambs for our children to take care of.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Holy cow! At first look I thought it WAS Donald Trump……yellow plastic hair, orange colored skin, white circles around the eyes, little round mouth and 10′ long red tie and unbuttoned jacket. Lol. I laughed out loud at Trev Jones’ comment on hair styles of Trump and Kim Jong Un. I’ve often said they have the same barber who, by the way, should be exiled from this planet!

    Love those alpacas. They could teach Trump and KJU a thing or two about class and style, don’cha think?

    Lovely photo of you Sue. Hope you got your “point” across! 😜
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Brilliant Look-a-Like isn’t he – Got to hand it to him, it’s not easy speaking with your mouth in the fish pout, I know I’ve tried it!
      It seems I wave my hands around a lot when I’m speaking. Thank you Ginger 🙂


  4. gc

    Bravo partner! Your personal photo exudes the essential elements of the color orange: warmth, liveliness, friendliness and a tinge of humor and fun. Thanks for sharing as always. Great work! xx

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    1. Orange along with T Mobile merged with EE in 2010 and in 2014 EE finally discontinued the brand names and they became EE. I kept my Orange e-mail address for some time after. The Orange adverts have remained in my head like some kind of time warp!


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