Highs and Lows

sick of winter“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

The midweek word-prompt from GC’s and my site Weekly Prompts is Energetic.

Recently, GC and I discussed how our attitude to life, and going about our daily business is affected by our emotional well-being.

On Weekly Prompts, Gerry talks about energy levels and how maintaining physical health, and enthusiasm for living is often a matter of a positive attitude and not necessarily anything to do with the age on the birthday calendar.

When Cleo the oldest of our three dogs died, the remaining two appeared to mourn her. A week or two later we noticed that Milly, the next oldest, had not only taken on the role of Alpha female, she had also begun to act like an older dog, she no longer behaved like a boisterous young dog. Her attitude to life changed. 

Almost six years ago, when my husband died, I became very aware of my own vulnerability. Convincing myself that death could be just around the corner for me too, I gave in to melancholy, and my attitude to life changed.

Just like Milly, I aged overnight. I developed aching joints and recurring backache. My previous enthusiasm for my job dwindled, and with the onset of the cold, and dark winter days, I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and shut out the world.

Gerry mentioned that the weather is often responsible for our attitude, and I agree with him. Two years ago, on a bright and sunny day in March, I came back from a walk and wrote a very cheerful article that included the words, “The spring sunshine brings out the best in us and we greet everyone we meet with a smile.” I was feeling very happy, my attitude to life had turned a corner and to prove my point I inserted a bright and cheerful song into my post, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. A month ago I used the same song again in a post about music.

During this past week, the U.K. temperatures have risen, and we have enjoyed a most delightful, mild and sunny few days, even up here in the north, such a difference from the -6°C from ten days ago.

The other day I took a screenshot of the weather forecast for my area.

Weather 19 th Feb

Once again, the milder, brighter weather has affected my attitude and enthusiasm and my energy levels have been on a high. Long may it continue!

Editorial note: The UK uses the Celsius temperature scale, part of the metric system that is used by most countries in the world apart from the USA. The inclusion of the temperature conversion chart below is for the benefit of our American colleagues.

outdoor temperatures

If snow is made from water and water has no calories, how come snowmen are fat?” ~ Unknown. 

(C) SueW nansfarm.net 2019 Word-prompt Energetic from Weekly Prompts.


14 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. Brrrr! Your ‘Mild’ is our ‘C-c-c-c-c-COLD!’
    To a lot of people a positive attitude seems being positive everything is going to go wrong. I’ll go along with Audrey Hepburn on the laugh thing! I have previously posted how when one observes passersby in a mall, for example, average-looking people with a smile and a happy expression generally look far more beautiful than those with perfect features looking glum.

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    1. Yes I imagine it would feel very cold to you. You are right Les, sometimes when lost in thought I catch sight of myself in the mirror and ask myself, is that what I really look like, do I really have that tight lipped expression? Relaxing the face takes on a different look and a smile take it to a whole new level! 😀

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      1. Actually, I think if one makes a conscious effort to look happy one becomes happy in actuality. The spring in the step, the air of confidence, and a general deftness, all follow. This leads to favourable encounters with those one meets, and that makes one even happier!

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  2. Yes, I too have met people like that, it’s almost as if they want to bring you down with them.
    This weather of ours is so unusual for February isn’t it, but oh so welcome. Thank you Trev 🙂


  3. Murphy's Law

    I’ve caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror more than once and “if looks could kill”! Holy cow, not a pretty sight! Even pretending you’re happy changes your attitude. Did you ever make yourself laugh? I mean a real belly laugh. Before you know it you are laughing for real at yourself! But I agree, there are many factors that contribute to our mood/attitude, not the least of which is the weather.

    Your smiling photo always cheers me up Sue.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. gc

    I applaud you Susan on the candor and the openness of your article. In the two years that you and I have been close friends you have grown into a creative, caring and life enjoying person than you were when we first chatted. Kudos to you on your growth. Your sense of humor and sense of fun are enviable and I hope that melancholy and sadness will not affect you as deeply as they have before.

    Too many folks take themselves way too seriously. There is a Robin Williams quote I offer here: You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Madness as I see it is not off the wall indifference and insanity.

    For me, madness helps a person to see the humor in just about anything human. It is an appreciation of life based on a reality of the things that are happening around us ( sad, tragic, enjoyable) and appreciate the fact that you don’t have to focus on the negatives in life to show that you are a caring human being. xx

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    1. Gerry, I thank you for your comments. When we met in December 2016, I’d been blogging for a few months, it was was a much needed new interest and you and I became friends. I thank your mystery intruder for that, it was such fun guessing the identity and taking on the role play. Thank you Mr Steed!
      I was still something of a miserable soul back then, three months later, I began to realise how much you meant to me, the final melancholy lifted. Two years later here we are, best friends and partners and still having fun! For that I thank you. xxx 🙂


  5. That conversion chart wouldn’t be much use here 37˚ only warm, I can recall once up in Shay Gap the temp hit 53˚C.

    I find it hard to understand how our Yankee cousins can’t work with metric, after all they’ve been working with a metric monetary system for yonks.

    Must admit that I don’t think I could take too much of the 37˚C plus now, the heats not so easy to take on my 57kg body

    But I agree that a little sunshine is more inclined to make me smile than not

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