Cabin Fever 2 resized“All those people with Cabin Fever obviously forgot to stock up on their alcohol!!

The midweek ‘two’ word-prompt on GC’s and my site Weekly Prompts is Cabin Fever.  We asked our readers if they suffer from cabin fever at this time of year, especially if they are cooped up because of the weather.

This week GC talks about the weather in his neck of the woods, in particular, the colder than normal temperatures he is experiencing that have now reached -30°C (-22°F). He spoke about spending more time indoors during these long winter months, and how the lack of natural daylight and sunlight can cause a type of depression.

I’m certainly glad I’m not there right now, I doubt if I would be able to tolerate such freezing temperatures. Last week, the snowfall followed by the -6°C  here in Yorkshire, was almost too much for me.

Yorkshire Weather: It varies, and although England is known for its rain, it’s generally wetter in Yorkshire than most other places. My home is quite high up, and whatever the forecast down in the village, I can guarantee it will be colder, and most definitely windier up here. Generally, it snows two or three times a year and mostly hangs around for only a week or so; occasionally, we are snowed in.

31st January 2019 -6°C Frost and Fog

This is one of my favourite photographs from last week and taken on the coldest, frostiest, foggy morn.

Cabin Fever:  It’s not something I suffer from, and I don’t mind being at home for days on end, I enjoy my own company,  I try to keep busy because I become bored if I have nothing to do. I plan my day before I leave my bed, and more or less know exactly what I shall be doing throughout the day.

sad sun

Depression: Although I’ve had the odd day or so of feeling a little low, fortunately, I have never been depressed. I do accept, however, that the shorter days and lack of sunlight can have a detrimental effect on a person’s well-being, especially if one’s home suffers from a lack of natural light.

(C) 2019 Word-prompt Cabin Fever from Weekly Prompts

Clipart courtesy of  Google.



45 thoughts on “Stir-Crazy

  1. Maureen Helen

    I really like reading about your life, Sue. It is so very different from living as we do, in a third storey apartment in the middle of a city. As well as that, last week we had several days over 40 degrees Celsius and we mostly stayed in the airconditioned building, but for very different reasons.

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    1. Oh, Maureen, thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy reading about my life. It works both ways. I marvel at how busy your life is, I enjoyed reading about you and John, the move to the apartment, and all those interesting groups you belong to.


      1. The actually don’t get that short, we’re in a much higher latitude, Tasmania and New Zealand would probably be the same as your’s are much longer winter nights, our winter more like your autumn

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      2. On the 21st Dec it is dark for 24 hours at the North Pole whist at the South Pole the Sun can be seen for almost 24 hours, the curvature of the earth and it’s rotating on it’s axis. On the 21st June the situation is reversed.

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      3. Hence the longest and shortest days etc. Given that I know that, I have no idea why I didn’t connect and realise that your daylight hours are longer than ours. Thanks Brian.


  2. -30, that’s cold! I enjoy being confined in the cold weather, I can usually find something to occupy myself with. Just have to be careful of the effects of lack of Vitamin D due to lack of sunlight.

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    1. I’m guessing that like me, much of your indoor occupation is taken up with being creative on your computer. I bought some vitamin pills but keep forgetting to take them! Thanks for the comment Trev.

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      1. They fly by too quickly sometimes. I set myself a new year challenge of learning something new each week. I still haven’t begun that one!

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    1. I’m inclined to agree with you about the age element, it creeps in a lot these days! On bitter cold days I enjoy nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate, a roaring fire and the thought that I can stay home without guilt!

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  3. Murphy's Law

    I’ve never suffered from cabin fever. Like you, I always find something to do and I don’t mind being in for days at a time. I guess I’m fortunate that I’ve never felt depressed. The cold temperatures do me in… and I think that’s age related. Didn’t bother me when I was young. Well hell, a lot of things didn’t bother me when I was young!! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. gc

    The stage seven stage of cabin fever madness might explain why dogs during the winter months like to urinate on every inch of snow they can find in the hopes of possibly coloring their bleak world a lighter shade of grey. By the way love how does Woody handle the winter months? Could he be suffering from a case of Canine Cabin Madness? xx


    1. The stage seven made me smile, though my first thought was teenage boys eager to write their names and impress the girls… oh, if they only knew!

      Woody takes to his bed on rainy days, but he loves snow days, he buries his head as though looking for something and attempts to bounce up and down in it. And yes, he does like to leave his mark, here, there and everywhere! 😀 xx


    2. I think I should also add that I realise how much your dreadful freezing temperatures are affecting you, both physically and mentally. By mentally I mean in the way it’s wearing you down right now.
      In a short while you will be complaining about the heat and I will be moaning about the rain and normality will return xx


    1. It’s good to know you would have taken part if only you’d had some appalling weather and freezing temperatures. You have missed a treat 😀


    1. Firing line indeed and when there is nothing around you to buffer the effects it begins to sound and feel like you’re on the set of Wuthering Heights!


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