Bed imageSpam is a waste of the receivers’ time, and, a waste of the sender’s optimism.
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Confessions of a Misfit

WHEN – When you don’t want to get out of bed, but you need something to do when you’re sitting there.

At 07:15 AM my bedroom was lamp-lit and cosy, I’d been awake for just over an hour. The howling wind, combined with the heavy rain that was bouncing off my window made me reluctant to leave my warm and comfortable bed, so I crawled over it and poured a second mug of coffee.

I’d already checked my WP e-mail account, and my Reader, I’d made my comments, and I’d clicked Like. I’d also browsed Houzz and viewed those grand houses with their stunning makeovers.

I picked up my iPad again – How interesting that even at this hour my newly published scheduled post had received twenty visitors from India!

The penny soon dropped, and I logged into the WP Dashboard and checked the Spam folder.

I was tempted to bulk delete, but instead, just in case one had landed there by mistake, I began to read the comments. I found two genuine, and a hundred or so spam comments. One genuine comment included a Bible reference but not in a negative way, however, it left me wondering why the blogger felt the need to include it.

Anyway, looking back at the spam comments, and because I had nothing better to do, I snipped a few, cut to the chase and this is what they had to say – over and over!

* Viagra ships overnight.

* Wanna state that this is very beneficial.

* Something genuinely interesting about you.

* Nice factors in options also.

* Look what we contain on the side of you!

* And we want extra!

Does anyone ever take up these offers?

It’s difficult to feel piqued about the amount of Spam in the folder, it’s simply a fact of everyday life, I’m just grateful that WP remove it before it hits our pages.

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 – One Word Challenge Pique from Fandango


35 thoughts on “When

  1. Fun post, Sue 🙂

    I’ve used blog spam a couple of times in the past as writing prompts. There used to be this very long and detailed spam about some doctor whose magic could cure everything, especially love problems like getting your ex to love you against their will.

    It’s weird, several bloggers I’m following have mentioned getting oodles of spam like you, and my spam folder has been fairly quiet and empty. I’m not complaining… very glad to be left out of this loop. But I do wonder why some bloggers are having this problem and not others (ie. me). I wonder if it has something to do with if you’re paying WP to blog or not (I’m a not).

    I’ve had some very strange comments over the years. It depends on the post – some posts tend to bring out the strange in people. Mind you I’ve also written some comments which in retrospect probably sounded weird.

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    1. Some years ago my e-mail account was full of spam. This led me to change my provider and set up new accounts, a shopping account, a couple of personal accounts and latterly one for WP. I don’t have Spam but I do have beautifully organised e-mail accounts! Maybe I sound weird too! 😀

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    1. I’m not sure how long most of mine had been sitting there because I forgot to look at the dates. I’ve probably set everyone else off now and we’ll all be regularly checking for Spam.
      Thank you for reading the post and for your comments. 🙂

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  2. I’m getting 200+ spam messages a day. Most are for CBD oil, for Niki sneakers, or for other miscellaneous stuff. I have set it up to automatymove such spam to my trash folder.

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      1. It’s a matter of creating a “blacklist” in your settings using keywords, which will automatically move comments with those keywords directly to the the trash folder.

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  3. gc

    Some spam is totally misdirected. You received spam for Viagra while I receive spam adverts for Lighter Day feminine pads. Where is the sense in that one love? xx

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    1. Well Dear, knowing me as you do you’ll know I have the perfect answer, but this is one of those occasions where, because I’m in public, I have to bite my tongue, and you know how difficult that can be! xx 😀

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      1. gc

        I can totally appreciate and applaud your resolve to bite your tongue in public my love. There is a time and a place for such activities. xx

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  4. My son in law recorded an interview on Brexit with a Russian TV station a few weeks ago. I downloaded the link and, ever since, have been bombarded by emails with all sorts of exotic offers from Russian, and Asian ladies. My wife has had to move out to make room!

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  5. Maureen Helen

    Your post was fun to read, Sue, and the comments even funnier. Somehow spam comments are filtered from my site, but spammers who try to subscribe are blocked and placed in a queue that I need to delete from time to time. The magic and wonder of blogging!

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    1. All you need now is to choose a nice pair, preferably red, click your heels and say ‘There’s no place like home’ And you know what happens next ! 😀


  6. I don’t know whats happening to me but I’m unlucky now if I get 2 spams in my Junk folder. and yes there are many fall for those cons.
    Some bloke here lost $400,000 to some conwoman a couple of days ago, and now he’s crying ‘cos he’s lost all his savings.
    More fool him and serves him right, the warnings are there for everyone to see and we’re always being told to watch out,
    I have no sympathy for any that get conned, Most are trying to get rich quick and the only ones that are are the conmen and women

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