Sky Gazer

I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.” ~ Mike Tyson

The Photo challenge from Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is SKY.

This weekend we asked our readers to look toward the heavens and tell us what they see.

As for myself, I can be found on many an afternoon curled up on the kitchen sofa, looking out through the window, a cup of tea in hand and my attention focused upon the skies.

I am easily mesmerised by fluffy white clouds as they drift on by. Routinely, I look for half-hidden faces and the peculiarities within the shapes. 

The dark menacing ones with their innumerable shades of grey fascinate me. At other times I’m captivated as the sky amasses a diversity of hues. No doubt about it I am a hopeless sky gazer.

jet streams 10th january 2019

The jet streams never fail to grab my attention it really is eye-opening to see how busy the sky becomes. I almost expect the tiny dots to collide at any moment, though in actuality they are probably miles apart.


Taking a morning walk around a local lake back in 2017 the engine noise from the nearby airport runway alerted me to an imminent take-off, and with my old Sony Alpha 200 With its long lens attached, I captured a cloudless sky and an aircraft en route to Malta!

a choppy day on the lake 25th october 2018

October 2018 and another walk around the lake, this time featuring an angry looking sky.

what a sky - wind turbine on the farm october 1st 2018

The clouds above the wind turbine on a neighbour’s farm remind me of snow.

the moon's still out- early morning 29th september 2018sunrise 29th september 2018

The above two September photos were taken only seconds apart. Looking out from my bedroom window I zoomed in on a perfectly shaped full moon, and walking across the landing onto the balcony I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.

(C) 2019. Photo Challenge SKY from Weekly Prompts

18 thoughts on “Sky Gazer

  1. Yes, it’s always lovely to be able to cloud watch. The shapes they make can be amazing, even looking like animals or people and then gone. We are so busy sometimes that we forget to look up.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    I just love looking up at clouds and seeing the shapes of animals/people in them. Been doing that since I was a kid. You captured some great shots Sue…..the full moon in a cloudless sky, the storm clouds over the lake, and all those plane contrails. I’ve never seen so many! And yes, if you take the wind turbine out of the picture, you’d think you were looking at some weird snow!
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    1. Oh, Joe, get that cup of tea (or something a little stronger) and spend a few minutes sitting under the window watching the clouds slipping by. Set your imagination free! 🙂


      1. I could do with a break I have just spent hours trying to upload my latest children’s book to Amazon, this is the short version of the tale but it still may take some time. I have everything sorted except the cover, it is either too large so I try to make it smaller whereby it then leaves a gap round the image, cutting a very long story short I think I have finally got it to fit, I hope. This is why I shout at computers for if they were actually clever they would say, “I see the image you are trying to upload is slightly too large for the box you are trying to insert it in.” “Would you like me to make it fit for you?” Whereupon I would of course reply, “yes please, although I’m forced to ask why you didn’t ask some hours ago when I first started this task!” I’ve had enough and it’s still just about light enough to have a quick look out of the window. Well I never, the sky is slightly pink!

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      2. You definitely sound exasperated! Modern day cameras give us unnecessarily large-sized pictures. You might need to ’re-size image’ via your photo software first. Oh, hang on, is that what you just did? Now wondering why you ended up with a gap.

        How frustrating for you, might have helped if Amazon had let you know the size of the intended box, you would have at least known what size image to upload.

        Yes I can see you are in need of that cup of tea (or a stiff drink) and as it’s now too dark for cloud gazing, maybe try a little stargazing instead! 🌙🌟🌟🌟

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      3. It should be dead simple I give my illustrator the size I need everything and it should fit, I even sent the illustration to our son who designs things on computer for a living to resize for me and still it was not right. In the end I used the same technique I have used on the other six children’s books I have published. I fiddled about constantly changing the size and then the position until finally the damn thing fits, I hope! Unfortunately in this day and age there is no way to speak to a human to ask how to do it, one just keeps clicking on the frequently asked questions until you finally disappear up your own anus. Modern life can be very frustrating at times.

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      4. Even if you do get to speak someone, it’s odds on whether they actually understand what you’re talking about!
        Totally agree with your last comment!


  3. gc

    Great photos Susan. Watching the sky and noticing the different shapes , figures and the speed with which the clouds travel across the sky is mesmerizing. Thank you again for sharing your photos. 🙂

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  4. That makes 3 of us, looking for faces in the clouds, I don’t doubt that I could find a few in those ominous looking clouds, pity about those turbines I know they’ve become necessary but they’re ugly and killers.

    The worse Ive come across were in California, driving to Las Vegas, hill upon hill, mile upon mile of the things, around the Mojave dessert area.

    I’ve got my Office 2010 and have done a big heap of work on it, Got rid of the other stuff.

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    1. Most of the faces I see appear to be men and usually with beards, similar to the one that seems to define Yorkshire when looking at a map.

      The wind turbines fascinate me when I see them close up and I don’t mind the odd one here and there, but like you I would hate to see miles of them.

      I’m glad you’ve got the office installed, I was meaning to ask about that. When I’m up and about I’ll send back the first batch. 🙂

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