Don’t wait till you’re dead!


“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words it speaks in emotion.” ~ Keith Richards.

A couple of days ago I read an article on Mitigating Chaos named Eschatological Urgency. The article got me thinking about the music my children would remember me by.

So I did the same as Ray and I asked them, whilst also thinking, not too onerous for them is it? I was shocked at the speed that each of them answered, with the first two within a minute or so!

Discussing my music made me realise just how little I listen to music in comparison to the huge amount I listened to in days gone by. Maybe I should start listening again before it’s too late.

There is a difference of eighteen years between the eldest and youngest of my five children, therefore I expected the list to include a wide variety of tracks.

Their Choices:

Victoria:  Blanket on the ground, Country Roads, Everything by Don Williams and Hooked on Classics.

Louisa:  The Gambler, Country Roads, Gypsy Woman.

Elizabeth:  Country Roads, Jolene, and tracks from Dr.Hook.

Sophie:  Jolene, Country Roads, Gypsy Woman, The Gambler

Joshua:  Classical music, mostly Mozart.

Not a great deal of difference there, though I had expected to see Fleetwood Mac on the list. We were all a little surprised to hear the first thing that popped into Joss’s head.

I played ‘Hooked on Classics’ regularly for some years before Joss was born. Later during my pregnancy I played standard classical tracks. I had read somewhere that certain tracks played during pregnancy can lead to a calm, relaxed baby. I continued to play the music for a couple of years or so, but none of us expected him to remember any of it. 

Music influences me greatly, it’s a mood inducer. Today if the words are a little sad or the sound-track is melancholy I will avoid playing because of the negative effect on my emotions. I prefer to keep my spirits high and consequently if I do play music my choice is usually something upbeat and lively.

Almost two years ago I included this music video in one of my posts and I feel exactly the same today as I felt then… Happy! Watch the video, sing along or even get up and dance, I defy you to keep still, it’s impossible! Such a mood enhancer – Enjoy the moment. 

I’ve asked for Country Roads to be played at my funeral and with a loud singalong! Not just yet though!

(C) 2019 Linked to Fandango’s one word challenge ‘Onerous’

27 thoughts on “Don’t wait till you’re dead!

    1. Thank YOU for the idea Ray. Hooked on Classics was a great listen when driving, I loved it and so much so that I downloaded it last year so I could also have it on my iPad!

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  1. Murphy's Law

    What a fun post Sue. It made me realize that likewise, I used to listen to music all the time. While driving, cleaning, bathing, relaxing, you name it. I love many different kinds of music, but Country remains my favorite. I can’t believe how many songs on your children’s lists I would have on my own list!

    Great video. Totally new to me. I didn’t get up and dance, but even though the video is over, my foot is still tapping! I definitely enjoyed the moment!! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  2. It is good to listen to more than ‘pop’ classics, too. Classical music grows on one until the realisation comes that it is generating emotions far more profound than any experienced with popular music.

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    1. I agree Les, I still listen to classical in the car but it tends to pick it up from my phone. Just remembered we drive the same Toyota Rav4


  3. gc

    Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2019 and commented:
    In the words of Jerry Lee Lewis “there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on” and Susan is posing the rhetorical question why wait till you’re dead to enjoy it. If you love music read her article. – gc

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    1. Wonderfully uplifting isn’t it. If I heard this track in public I’d expect to see a flash mob at any moment. Impossible to keep still. Thank you Lois 🙂

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  4. Some years ago I did read where playing Mozart’s piano concerti (all 23 of them) quietly besides the mothers abdomen during pregnancy, resulted in the baby being very good and mathematically, inclined.This was the conclusion after many studies over several years, pretty sure it was the Germans did the study, sort of thing they’d do.

    I prefer Ludvig v Beethoven, the greatest, Love the Baroque period, can take or leave JSB, most of the Germanic composers . Also great lover of Dixieland Jazz, the purist of music in my NSHO.

    I’m also a great lover of choral masses and have several, there was one I was particular keen to get, in English it was ‘The Salzberg Mass’ full name Missa Salisburgensis à 53 voci and no it’s not Mozart, its Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber..more than a 100 years before Wolfgang.

    There was absolutely nowhere that even heard of the piece.

    In 2005 when we went to Salzberg I found an old ‘music shop’ and after many minutes an old bloke cottoned on to what I was talking about and he did know they had one copy which is now mine 👿 Not bad for an atheist.

    Did you know that Salzberg was regarded as the Vatican of North or something there are catholic churches on every corner. Mozart was a mason and the Pope banned his work

    My listening to the classic when our 3 were growing drove them crazy but I’m pleased to say that Emma, has taken a liking to my music now, so theres hope for my granddaughters.

    I shall leave all my records whatever to Emma now, I had planned to give the lot to a community radio station that only plays classics.

    Kind of got wound up Sorry 😛


    1. You certainly love your classics Brian. I enjoy listening to the Classics on the car radio but I can never remember the name of the piece.
      One piece I will never forget is Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks. I’m not including the whole thing here, but worth listening to if you get the chance.

      I was an adult with five children when I finally went to university. I had to pinch myself on Graduation day, I couldn’t believe I’d finally done it. The procession began and this piece from Handel began to play, I looked across at my family and their proud smiling faces, I could have cried there and then. slightly different arrangement here but can still bring those tears to my eyes


      1. I once heard a recording by an Canadian band playing the Fireworks on just drums and wind, supposedly they way it was played the first time going up the river,Best recording I ever heard.
        Did you know that the King was so delighted with that music that he demanded it played again immediately, So the poor damned musicians struggling to play onboard the barges had to go through the whole lot again, without a break

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      1. A woman after my own heart. 🙂
        Moving off the subject here. As talked about previously I changed the slide show on my screen saver, it looks much better with my own pictures, so thank you for reminding me to do what I’ve been putting off.

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