Going Green

“I often wonder about people who live in tropical countries, what do you think their screensavers look like?”~ Derek Lengwenus

This weekend, the photo challenge on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with GC, is ‘GREEN‘. We asked our readers to find and share their green photographs with us. This is my personal response to the challenge.

Last winter, along with two of my daughters, I visited ‘Tropical World’ on the East side of the city. Tropical World used to be known as the Butterfly House, but on this visit the butterflies were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, the hothouse was not warm enough for them to fly. For us, however, it was definitely too warm for our thick outdoor clothes.

We were luckier with other tropical creatures and spotted quite a number, including a multitude of fish, colourful birds, reptiles and even a mob of desert meerkats. I took a huge number of photographs that day, these ones are amongst my favourites and greenest.

Spot the fish

Look carefully can you spot the fishes?


Lizard Green

swimming with fishes 2

Very Green down here too

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Photo Challenge GREEN from Weekly Prompts http://weeklyprompts.com/2019/01/05/photo-challenge-green


22 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Who needs a hothouse, temperature has been up over the mid 30’s for days now,
    Tomorrow we’re promised a cool change lasting 2 days, I’m roasting a small, boned, leg of pork and looking forward to no salad.
    Love that lizard

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    1. I needed a hothouse when returning from a walk yesterday. It was 2° and I was frozen when we got back. I went out without gloves and hat, I don’t think I appreciated how cold it was out there until we’d set off.
      I like the sound of the leg of pork, with apple sauce too?

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      1. I’ve always loved the heat, loved living in the Great Sandy Desert, but this year the heat is having a very debilitating affect on me. I’m actually feeling in some distress most days. I even resorted to turning the air conditioning on, the WO doesn’t like it but I need it. I have February coming up and to contend with, it is typically the worst month for heat and it’s going to be worse than ever this year.

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    1. When I took the photograph I was photographing the fish. but almost a year on when I looked at the picture again I didn’t spot the fish straight away either! I was also surprised at how green the other pictures were. I don’t remember them being so green.

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    1. Last year we had an unusually hot and dry summer and that is a very rare occurrence. It remained greener in the North. I visited Cumbria last August and that county was still very green.

      Normally England is green throughout the year. Thank you for kind comments.

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    1. I expect to see the photo come to life at any moment and a long thin tongue shooting out of his mouth! Yes you’re right handsome is the word! Thank you Lois.

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  2. gc

    Well Susan I am once again “green” with envy at the way you handled the challenge. I am still scrambling to find a few photos that would fill the bill as colorfully as yours. Great job. 🙂

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    1. I keep meaning to change to my screensaver and use my own photos instead. I don’t particularly enjoy seeing any of the ones on the screen. You know what, you’ve prompted me to get on with it, thank you. Thank you also for following. 🙂

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