Boxing Day – Diary snippets (4)

Woody re-sized

Boxing Day” In the UK, the day after Christmas is named after the first activity that takes place between husband and wife after the Christmas receipts are added up. ~ ― Matthew D. Heines. It’s also a bank holiday (public holiday)

21st December – Friday night. Son Joss was out with friends, and I slipped through to my family next door as per Christmas party invitation. It read ‘You are invited to join us for a Christmas party with select family members and friends!’ I’d assumed this would be a small group of close friends and family I was wrong the place was heaving.

22nd December – Saturday afternoon. I timed my Harrogate shopping trip so that I could drive the son who was sporting the hangover to beat all hangovers to his hair appointment. I Managed to buy one item from Marks and Spencer before my mobile (cell phone) alerted me to a call from our friend his hair stylist. “He’s not very well, whereabouts are you, I’ll walk him over to meet you!” End of the shopping trip.

23rd December – Sunday morning. Joss and I went to York for another shopping trip (Joss drove), a trip that had been planned for weeks. It rained non-stop and seeing as one of us was ill-equipped for the cold and wet weather (what was he thinking?) it put a damper on the outing somewhat!

As usual, the German Christmas shop was an absolute joy to browse. The top of Joss’s shopping list was to buy me a present, a new christmas ornament, we chose a gnome and a tiny Nativity.Christmas Gnome 2018

York is full of little alleyways, and down one such treasure, we found an indoor pop-up Christmas market, what a surprise, I think I now know how Harry Potter felt when he first saw Diagon Alley!

Finally, we enjoyed a Christmas lunch next to the fireplace in a very old pub, the fire was gas-fired, but it was so warm and cosy it hardly mattered.

grey Swan fireplace

During the evening, we went out for a very enjoyable meal with Victoria, Simon and children and Sophie and Evie came too.

24th December – Monday, Christmas Eve. 06:45 AM Joss and I arrived at the supermarket to pick up a few last-minute bits. Supermarket shopping at this early hour is no hardship for either of us given that we are both habitual early risers. We secured a prime parking spot and were pleasantly surprised to find the supermarket was very quiet inside.

Later, I popped out to have my nails done and when I returned Joss was out delivering gifts. The family next door were also out, so I lit the log burner, brought Woody through and we enjoyed a peaceful hour to ourselves, one of us snored!

25th December – Tuesday, Christmas Day. Joshua and I popped next door and opened our gifts with Victoria and family, all of us together in my old lounge, just as we always have. I received some beautiful gifts, but oh my goodness, all accompanied by sweets (candy), not to mention the extra ones, a couple of bottles of Baileys!

Since converting the house, the Christmas family lunch has been held at Victoria’s side of the house. This year, however, it was served later than usual because they got the turkey cooking times wrong! We all hung around pleasantly chatting (and washing up) and the wine flowed on hungry stomachs.

This year, we were four adults, and four children down on our usual numbers and we all missed them.

At the end of the afternoon, Sophie’s boys left us to spend time with their dad, the rest of us settled down to play the usual Christmas games. By now I’d stopped drinking, but everyone else continued – how do they do it?

For some reason, not like me at all, I became bored with the games, they seemed to go on and on while everyone around me became louder and louder. I was desperate for some peaceful ‘me time’, I yearned to sneak away, put on my PJs and curl up on the sofa and watch a little Christmas TV… alone! Eventually, I no longer cared if I was being unsociable, I made my excuses and quietly slipped away!

26th December – Wednesday, Boxing Day. Today has been a very quiet day. Joss went to visit friends, and I cooked another turkey with the usual trimmings for our late lunch. It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t cook a turkey, besides I need something to accompany all those jars pickles I bought at the supermarket!

Before I leave, I’d like to share a thank you.

When Little Evie arrived here on Christmas Day, there was an extra surprise waiting for her. Victoria’s husband Simon had carefully and painstakingly restored an old bike that once belonged to Daisy (now 13), the photo doesn’t do it justice, it now looks almost new.

Evie's new bike

Daughter Sophie is a single parent, she shares her four boys with her ex-husband who is an excellent father to the boys. Little Evie’s father does not share those qualities.

Son-in-law Simon is our rock, he is helpful and supportive to each of us, especially to me, we hardly need to ask, and he’s there. Thank you Simon.

Right now, I am about to open one of those bottles of Baileys, pour a large glass and put my feet up for the remainder of the evening.

I hope you have enjoyed a very happy and peaceful Christmastime – Warmest wishes to you all. 2018

19 thoughts on “Boxing Day – Diary snippets (4)

  1. Sophie

    It was a wonderful Christmas Day with our wonderful family Mum! The bike was a brilliant surprise, I too really appreciate Simon’s help and everyone else’s for that matter! It can sometimes be hard on our own, but I never feel lonely thanks to such a loving supportive family. And the best mum in the world just up the road! 😊 Now when can we invade your holiday peace and take over your tv/drink your Baileys?? 😄 xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was a lovely Christmas day Sophie. You are welcome here whenever you feel the urge to eat our food, drink Baileys and take over the TV with endless episodes of Peppa pig and Ben and Hollie and of course The Yorkshire Vet! I’ve saved the Christmas episode to watch with you! And I thank you for your kind words. 💕🙂 xx


    1. It was all of those things, thank you Maureen.
      Today I am planning nothing more than donning my wellies and a walk around the fields while they are empty of livestock. This will be followed by a lunch of leftovers with a mixture of pickled delights.
      Thank you so much for your good wishes, I wish the very same for you Maureen 🙂


    1. Love that expression ‘box your ears’ !
      This afternoon is to be another quiet one. Already seen some of the kids today and others are still away with in-laws. Josh and I have each chosen a films. We will be back in our PJs eating our leftovers and locking out the world. Tomorrow we intend a family walk that we really ought to have had today. Thank you Les, hope you’ve recovered from your celebrations.


      1. Recovery is well under way, and there is mowing to be done. The ear-boxing used to happen literally, in my youth, as a method towards controlling unruly behaviour at school or home.


  2. gc

    Well Susan you certainly had your hands full during this busy time of the holiday season. You handled al the stress like a regular trooper. Congratulations on that one.

    Out this way there was last minute purchases to make, parties to plan for and unusual neighbor antics: (1) someone was removing all the door knobs from their housings and leaving them besides the door; (2) another neighbor across from my flat was storing and transporting “hazardous materials” in his unit. The hazardous material label was displayed prominently on two of the black boxed containers an when he saw me he hastily placed the smaller box in his car’s trunk nd the other brought into the suite.

    I suspect he is a mechanic and charging his friends’ ( and he has many) car battery probably not realizing that this is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

    I hope that Joss found his cell phone and that you had a somewhat relaxing holiday.

    I tip my glass of Bailey’s in your direction and envy the aplomb with which you survived your busy holiday week. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yours was as eventful as mine was busy. No, Joss didn’t find his phone he’s using an old one of mine, all data now transferred. His bedroom carpet stain not entirely out either! Just about to have a glass of Baileys, Cheers love, 🙂 love xx

      Liked by 1 person

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