This year’s Santa is jolly old elf!

I wonder if some of you will remember a Christmas post from last year – A re-blogged post where GC wrote about and showed my granddaughter Evie’s anguish when faced with a miserable character who had the audacity to masquerade as Santa Claus. This year was a totally different experience when Evie finally met the real Santa. Gerry tells us all about it here!

8 thoughts on “This year’s Santa is jolly old elf!

    1. Absolutely! We also have a great video where Santa tells her how fast the reindeer fly and how no one ever remembers to leave out a bowl of water for them, then he told her how cold it is in the North Pole. He finished by asking her where she would like him to leave her presents!
      Not once did he ask if she’d been good… mores the pity! Thank you Peter.

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  1. This Santa in the mall thing definitely doesn’t seem to work for all. I am reminded of this every time I walk past Santa’s castle at our major mall. Mostly happy, smiling faces, but the wailing and screams seems to find it’s way in. Glad I never got to be Santa….too skinny anyway! Have a great Christmas. Cheers.

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    1. It was early in the day at the local garden centre. No fancy props, no money spent here, just a small area put aside and inexpensively trimmed.No one else queuing either and the man was brilliant has to be the best we’ve ever seen.
      Thank you Dan. Happy Christmas to you and yours.


    1. Season’s greetings to you too Lois. I replied to your Christmas wishes at the time, but now notice they haven’t appeared here! Thank you for your kind wishes, much appreciated. 🙂

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