It’s 1929 and it’s Christmas

Once again I’m adding another Advent Continuesentry  to our Photo Challenge at  Weekly Prompts, the site I share with GC. You may remember that Gerry and I extended our Advent photo challenge right up until Christmas Eve. Check it out.  This weekend another Advent Challenge will be added.

My personal challenge is to see how many posts I can link to the Advent challenges before Christmas eventually arrives!

Last Saturday I visited Harewood House with my eldest daughter Victoria. Harewood is the home of the Earl and Countess of Harewood and for the second year running the house is open to the public for the Christmas period. This year the theme is Christmas Dreams 1920s style.

Shivering at Harewood

Victoria Shivers outside Harewood HouseAnother Harewood selfie
Another Mirror Selfie and Dancing Ghosts!The Gingerbread dream
Dreaming of Gingerbread Men

It’s Christmas Eve 1929 and two little boys are looking forward to the morning ahead. Whilst they sleep their dreams start to come to life …

(C) 2018 Photo challenge Advent Continues from Weekly Prompts

10 thoughts on “It’s 1929 and it’s Christmas

    1. Oh, thank you Trev. Yes do check us out. Normally we take turns, Gerry generally takes the midweek wordprompt and I the Saturday photo challenge, but he’s giving me a little break and he’ll take over all until the 5th January.

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    1. Thank you Peter. We had a very pleasant morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact we went around twice, but I would have loved to have gone to Chatsworth again, you made it sound really wonderful at Christmas.

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  1. In 1949 my Uncle Charlie, actually he wasn’t my uncle but my dad’s best mate, took me to the first night of an opera at Sadlers Wells, we had ‘tea’ (dinner? at a Lyons Corner House) before heading to the theatre, I was the only member of my family who like classical music. I’d have loved to have learnt the violi as a boy.

    I can’t recall if it was the first night of Rimsky-Korsakov The Snow Maiden,or an English opera the name of which escapes me for the moment; which hadn’t played in London for many years, and seated directly in front of us was George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, and his new lady a pianist by the name of Muriel Stein. bit of a scandal there I learned later.

    George was a first cousin to the Princesses Elizabeth & Margaret Rose at the time,(a nephew of George VI)and was thought to be rather grandfather George V , for whom Viscount Lascells was named, Geo V could not understand why his grandson was not interested in riding horses, shooting animals but liked music and reading.

    The photo of the family shack reminded me of my close encounter with the Queens cousins 70 years ago.

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      1. You are correct. Mary, Princess Royal and later Countess of Harewood (Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary; the third child and only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary married Henry Lascelles who became the sixth Earl of Harewood.

        The two little boys having the Christmas ‘Dreams’ were their two sons George and Gerald. George became the seventh Earl and died in 2011, his wife continued to live in an apartment at Harewood and died in May of this year.

        I do enjoy going to Harewood, I used to go a lot when my children were young, in those days we took along a picnic. What I would like to see is a second restaurant, a little more upmarket somewhere for adults to eat quietly without hoards of children. Chatsworth House have created the perfect balance, I wish Harewood could do the same.


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