Trouble at till!

“I may look calm but in my head I’ve killed you three times!” ~ Anon.  And some of us know that feeling well!

This week the Wednesday word-prompt over at Weekly Prompts, the site I share with GC is Xmas Zombies. We asked what your shopping experience has been like, and if you have come across any irate, impatient Christmas shoppers, the mouthy types that make everyone else’s shopping trips thoroughly unpleasant. Gerry has certainly come across a few. Take a look.

I can relate to his description of impatient shoppers. The other week I had a slight altercation with someone waiting behind me in the checkout queue.

At the end of the checkout conveyor belt was a stack of hand baskets that made it difficult to unload my groceries, so I moved my trolley to the side of the conveyor belt and proceeded to unload.

A minute or so later a couple of others joined the line and when I was halfway through emptying my trolley the woman immediately behind me began to huff and puff impatiently.

Next, she stepped forward and began unloading her items onto the belt. I turned to her and said, “Excuse me, would you mind waiting I haven’t finished yet!” She continued to empty her trolley.

I gave her the quizzical look, the one where I raise my eyebrows and inwardly ask ‘What are you playing at?’ Or words to that effect. The look did nothing, so I politely asked (using my best teacher voice) “Can you please wait until I’ve finished and put out the next shopper sign?”

The woman glared at me and snapped: “I’m in a hurry!” For a moment I was at a loss for words. I looked at the cashier who was shaking her head in disbelief. I turned back to the impatient shopper and told her she’d have to wait even longer now that she had left me no space to place my items. It was a ridiculous situation I could neither unpack my trolley nor move on to the bagging area. What makes these people tick, and what must it be like to live with them?

(C) 2018 Word=prompt Xmas Zombies from Weekly Prompts

21 thoughts on “Trouble at till!

  1. Oh, the times I have met these people, Sue. I’ve lived next to them, met them in bars, in fact, I’ve come across them everywhere. As you say, what must they be like to live with? Hopefully, Karma will do it’s business.

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    1. They are everywhere, too right Trev. So many ill mannered, bad tempered people, one of my daughters lives next door to one (attached) they knock on the wall if one of her children so much as coughs and yet they themselves have shouting matches virtually every day!

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  2. Oh my word! Crazy shopping times currently for Christmas but something I rarely do. I have 12 months advance warning every year oddly and it’s only one day of food I worry about. I’m on vacation just now and the strange thing is there’s barely a mention of Christmas where I am. Just the occasional token piece of tinsel for visitors.

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    1. Oh, Andrew, I shopped at Aldi last Christmas and managed to hold up everyone in the line! I couldn’t find my card purse and had to leave my laden trolley with the manager while I searched my car. Having just filled up with fuel I’d dropped it on the floor of the car… phew! The manager was brilliant and took my payment double quick. The staff were excellent at directing customers to the till, I’ve never seen that happen before, so efficient!


      1. It’s not my nearest and out of the way, so it’s become the place I call at if passing. Very impressed with the way they move customers so quickly through the checkout.

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    1. Unfortunately it was one of those encounters that leaves you feeling irritated for the rest of the day, and afterwards you always think of something you should have said! Thank you Lois. 🙂


    1. Very tempting, I would have liked to have done what our little ones do when another gets in the way, give them a shove! The woman here failed to realise that her very actions created a longer wait for all concerned. Not only rude but thick to boot! Thank you Peter.

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  3. That’s terrible. You handled the situation well. “An answer when mild turns away rage, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1) The world we live in is full of rude, impatient and selfish people. We can’t control them, but we can control how we react to them. You provided a good example.


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