A Crafty Afternoon

“Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard!” ~ Andy Borowitz

Over at our Weekly Prompts site, GC and I extended our Advent photo challenge Advent Continues right up until Christmas Eve. Check it out.  And with so much happening around now we hope our readers will take part in the challenge as many times as they wish.

For many years my eldest daughter, Victoria, has organised the Children’s Christmas Craft morning at our church. This year, because her children are now in their teens, it seemed like an appropriate time to bow out.

Instead, on this past Sunday, Victoria hosted a Christmas Crafts party for the little ones in our family, and even three of our older ones joined in, seven of our eleven joined us which was lovely because the older ones wouldn’t have wanted to join in at the church event.

We had a wonderful afternoon, the children and even the adults made elves, candy cane reindeer and lots of other comical characters, not to mention icing and decorating biscuits (cookies) that disappeared very quickly The wine also flowed and that too disappeared all too quickly!

Christmas Crafts begin


One sophie made earlierAnd the one Sophie made earlier!

What happens in your house, what do you and your family do to prepare for Christmas?

SueW-nansfarm.net 2018 Photo Challenge Advent Continues from Weekly Prompts. http ://weeklyprompts.com/2018/12/15/advent-continues

12 thoughts on “A Crafty Afternoon

  1. gc

    That was quite the Christmas party my love. Lots of activities for the kids, parents and you yourself to get enmeshed in. Love the photos and the story line. Were there any photos of Evie visiting Santa Claus this year? You told me earlier that this years Santa was top notch over last year’s dud. xx 🙂

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    1. We forgot to send it didn’t we! Sophie also has a video and that will be my priority today!

      It was a great afternoon, even though the little ones spent much of the time running around Victoria’s kitchen island! Simon was sensible, he spent the afternoon outside chopping logs, Josh was out with friends and the three oldest boys who are now 16,17 and 18 (hasn’t that flown!) chose to stay clear of us! Thank you love xx 🙂


  2. Sophie

    It was such fun! We all love to make and bake and draw.. shame we don’t do it more often! Looking forward to Christmas Day games! Pictionary and charades always has us in hysterics!! 😁 xx

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  3. This year we did nothing. The War Office went to our eldest daughters place, and Emma, Luke and their children were all alone up in the far north with the animals, which must have been lovely, I’m trying to get the energy to go up there.

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      1. I do miss Butch the beagle, he used to spend much of his time with me, he loved me , I know, he was always comfortable with me and loved sleeping on my bed, Coco doesn’t like sleeping on a bed much prefers his own bed or the timber floor, hates the rug that covers my sanctuary floor.

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      2. I must do a post with lots of pics of Butch and me/ Butch ; like Coco was a rescue dog; he had belonged to an elderly lady who was house bound so never got out much. In favt Butch became a couch potato. He just loves being calm and quiet, lots of cuddles and kisses and treats. He realized early on when Luke and Emma adopted him that I was the easy mark, always good for a treat or a bit of toast , just something to nibble on and he became attached to me. I find it hard to say NO when they look at me with those big drown eyes kind of pouting. Dogs can twist me around there little/big paws 24/7. I do miss Butch.
        My daughter and Luke got Coco another rescue dog as a companion for Butch. They didn’t hit it off. Coco was a bully and Butch hasn’t got a bad bone in his body. Luke says he’ll have to take Coco back and I said no way I;l have him and the rest as they say …..
        But Butch still lobes me second after Emma, she spoils the …. out of him. Which I would too. I spoil Coco blind!

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      3. I think Woody regards us all as his pack. Victoria is the Alpha and he does everything first time for her. He’s the first dog we’ve had that wasn’t a rescue dog. He doesn’t get many treats of our food because despite plenty of exercise he’s prone to putting on weight. He has a measured amount of doggy treats throughout the week. He comes out with me to top up the bird feeders and is particularly fond of stealing peanuts from the bucket. I turn a blind eye!

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