Great Expectations

“ Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree, in the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall!” ~ Larry Wilde.

This weekend the Photo-Challenge over on our other site Weekly Prompts is a continuation of our Advent challenge. Check it out – Advent Continues

We were reluctant to end this challenge, we wanted to hear and see more of the different traditions from around the world, therefore the Advent challenge will continue until Christmas Eve.

My personal response today focuses mainly on what Christmas is all about, and the reminders that are all around us.

This year Advent began on the second of December, tradition, however, dictates otherwise, and for our children, it began on the first of December with the opening of the Advent calendar.

As the countdown continues, my second daughter, Louisa, shows us a sample of chocolate from one of her children’s Advent calendars.

Advent Calendar from Louisa.

The two Advent calendars below are from my eldest daughter Victoria and belong to her two children. My favourite is the second, the lovely wooden one with tiny drawers.advent calendar 1 from ToriAdvent calendar 2 from Tori

The final Advent calendar, belonging to my third daughter, Elizabeth, is a family calendar that I passed on and now used by her children. This Particular Advent calendar, is made from felt and allows us to fill the little pockets with a selection of chocolates of our own choice.Advent calendar from Lizzy

Another contribution from Elizabeth is a second Advent calendar with a traditional nativity scene.Nativity Scene from Lizzy

My own nativity scene is many years old, and during Advent, it has pride of place in my sitting room. Perched nearby is the tiny crib scene inherited from my parents. The final scene is a lovely old teashop window in the little market town of Otley and contributed by my youngest daughter Sophie.

My Nativity SceneFrom mum and dad nativity sceneThe Tea Rooms Nativity Scene

(C) 2018 Photo Challenge Advent Continues from Weekly Prompts

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18 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Pingback: Watch this Space | Nan's Farm-Inside Out

    1. Thanks Andrew. I contacted WP and they unblocked a couple of hours later. The system was picking up on something that just wasn’t there! It’s happened a couple of times before. Last time it took them 24 hours to unblock!


  2. gc

    Enjoyed your post immensely Susan. It is warm, descriptive and presents a wonderful interpretation of the festive and holy season. Thank you for sharing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Advent Calendars are especially for you. I hope you now have a clearer idea of what happens in our house and the family’s chocolate filled Advent calendars I was talking about earlier. Thank you love, your positive comments are much appreciated. xx 🙂


  3. I must be honest and admit that christmas day, and all that goes before, during, and after, does absolutely nothing for me. I really don’t celebrate it at all, and since my daughters went vegetarian, I don’t even have to worry about cooking a turkey and ham for their christmas dinner.

    The War office , who is a carnivore, told me today that she’d love a baked ham, so I might get roped in this week. Must admit that a baked leg of ham takes some beating.

    Best I ever had was in Hawai’i in 2008, one thing the Yanks can cook is ham, they’re pretty good on turkey too, but not much else that suits my palate

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It will be turkey for us. And since the eldest moved here we have Christmas dinner at her side of the house (it’s bigger at her side) We do the cooking between us in each of our kitchens, though these days they do the lion’s share. The rest of the family join us for the day and even though close by they sometimes stay overnight. I like the sound of your ham, I’ll probably do one on New Year’s Day.


      1. I used to do the lot, then the eldest daughter went around the twist and went vegan, so no more baked leg of ham at chrismas, or turkey buffeas she persuaded her sister Emma, my granddaughters mummy to go vegan too. Now Emma has inflicted it upon her daughters.
        Emma’s favourite breakfast used to be sautéed lamb kidneys and bacon and she’s depriving her daughters of that experience. I think she is wrong.
        It’s been 6 years since I did a proper christmas dinner.
        I don’t have much to do with my eldest (from 2nd marriage) now for many reasons which I don’t write about, I used to write about her all the time, under the name Dopey daughter, did plenty of posts with pictures

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