Xmas lights on Candy Cane Lane

I couldn’t resist re-blogging GC’s response to our Weekly Prompts Advent Challenge. The Candy Cane Lane video is absolutely brilliant.

We have nothing like that in England so it was an absolute pleasure to watch. I didn’t realise this actually happens for real, I always assumed it was a film maker’s exaggeration! Thank you Gerry.

The Weekly Prompts Advent Challenge – Pingbacks can be added right up to Christmas Eve. As many as you wish!


“One of my greatest obsessions is the lights of a city. Through my eyes there is nothing so delicious and rich and lovely.” ― K.B. Ezzell, Elysium

B R I G H T  L I G H T S  – G R E A T  E X P E C T A T I O N S

You may have noticed that as December 1st rolls around many communities around the world rush to add the lights and the joy of Christmas to their often dimly lit streets and avenues.

Folks flock to these festive spots in droves and enjoy the magic, lights and camaraderie of the season.

There are collection boxes along the route in which passersby and folks in automobiles can place their food donations to local food banks.

The drive through these neighborhoods is exciting as you begin to appreciate the amount of time and the effort…

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