Christmas is Coming

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge Advent

The Saturday Photo Challenge on our other site Weekly Prompts is ADVENT . GC and I chose this challenge not only because of the season but also to fulfil a request from a fellow blogger.

This is my own contribution to our challenge.

Mostly, the UK lights up the season of Advent in a subtle way, both privately and publicly, and our cities, towns and pretty villages shine bright.

 Occasionally, if you are lucky, you might spot a house that is lit up, and as the saying goes, ‘Like a Christmas tree!”

Many a time we’ve taken a drive around to visit the homes that have snowmen, elves and the odd Santa Claus or two clinging to the trees and rooftops.

We give our children chocolate filled advent calendars, and we decorate our Christmas trees. Bright and cheerful greeting cards adorn our walls, and in shopping centres (Malls) around the country, families queue to visit Santa Claus. Salvation Army bands play our favourite carols and Christmas services are held in schools and churches. I imagine all of this is the same throughout the Christian world.

The other evening when I was out and about, I took a few pictures of the way our village lights up the night during the Advent season, including our village hall. Although far less lit up than our towns and cities, it’s still a pleasure to observe and admire.

At my home, we do very little outdoors apart from stringing up a few lights over the stables. Indoors, my kitchen/living room hasn’t enough space to accommodate the large trees like we used to have when I lived at the other side of my house. Instead, I make do with a fibre optic tree, plus a bigger artificial tree in my upstairs sitting room. My favourite activity is to decorate the upstairs fireplace with the Christmas ornaments I have collected.0AED59C6-4BFA-481D-A31A-5A38FCD17FE8

Christmas fireplace

© 2018 Photo Challenge ADVENT from Weekly Prompts

16 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming

  1. Christmas seems to have been gradually becoming faded and jaded over the last decades. The shops try to push it as ever, but homes and official places simply aren’t decorated the way they were in years gone by.

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    1. I think our towns and villages have more Christmas street lights than in days gone by, but I agree with you about our homes, the days when we bought lots of crepe paper and made our own decorations are long gone. A large tree and my Christmas cards used to decorate my old hallway, but I can’t do that anymore because my new hallway is long and too narrow.


  2. As a lad at Christmas time we’d go carol singing and always finished with

    ‘ Christmas is coming
    The goose is getting fat
    Please put a penny in the old mans hat,
    If you haven’t got a penny,
    a ha’penny will do,
    If you have got a ha’penny
    well god bless you

    Do the children still do that?

    Don’t remember what the money was for….

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    1. We used to do that too. We kept the money! I don’t think it’s done very often except for organised groups. We’re along a narrow, dark country lane so we don’t get casual callers or Carol singers, not even at Halloween when all the kids are out. We no longer have Mischievious night either. Halloween has taken its place.

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      1. Never ever seen carol singers in Australia, except for the first year when we arrived,, we new arrivals tried it but it seemed out of place in the middle of a hot bright summers night and we never did it again

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