Diary Snippets Week 2


“Congratulations on moving into something other than Mom’s place!” ~ Anon

Dear Diary,

Saturday – I was invited to visit son Josh’s new house or, to put it another way, “Mum, will you help me clean my house?”

This 100-year old red brick mid-terrace house has a tiny garden at the front and a decent sized concrete yard at the back that’s surrounded by a new high fence, perfect for summer dining and lots of potted plants.

Within the past eighteen months, new additions have been fitted. Front porch, external doors, internal doors, double glazed windows, new kitchen units and new carpets throughout.

The newly fitted kitchen has pale grey soft-close cupboard doors and light wooden worktops (counters). I was pleased to see that this was one area where the previous owners had taken care, no chopping marks on the worktops, excellent! What a pity they didn’t have the foresight to fit a dishwasher.

There’s an odd area under the stairs that opens onto the kitchen, but it’s difficult to access due to the narrow gap. My advice was to knock the wall down (or partially), have an open staircase and utilise the space into the kitchen, perhaps a larger dining area.

The new carpets appear to have been looked after, looks like they removed outdoor shoes, no stains anywhere, another plus box ticked.

Skirting boards (kickboards?) I can’t believe anyone has ever cleaned these. The bannister rail on the staircase was even worse. Such thick grime, I’ve never seen anything like it! How could they even bear to touch it? Thank goodness for disposable gloves!

The bathroom, It’s such a contrast to the rest of the house. Why did they not install a new bathroom? The showerhead is thick with black mould, and the outdated orange/beige tiles are filthy and also covered in black mould. How can anyone live like this?

Realising we were unable to work out the central heating system, we cut short our stay to a couple of hours.

Sunday – Back to Josh’s house. More cleaning, including soaking toilet tissue in bleach, and spreading the pieces around the top of the bath-tub where it meets the tiles. That will clear some of the black mould, next time I will take a long-handled cleaning sponge and clean the remaining tiles with boiling water and bleach. Re-grouting could give it something of a facelift.

More problems were spotted when a cupboard was moved to reveal a large area of mould on the back bedroom wall. I suspect that pointing is needed to the underside of the recently fitted window. I hope that’s all it is.

Next weekend, my chartered surveyor son-in-law will go to the house and make a list of repairs/updating needed and we can take it from there.

As yet Josh hasn’t attempted to buy more furniture, I expected him to look around during the Black Friday weekend, but he’s eager to get the repair jobs done in the house first and says he’s in no rush to leave here. It wouldn’t surprise me to find he’s still here in the Spring!

Let’s face it, he comes home to a warm house, a hot meal, and his laundry is done! Winter with its cold dark nights is not a good time to move into a new home. It can be depressing and especially when you’re all alone.

Monday – Grandson William was three years old today, and I hosted a small birthday lunch with our other little ones. He’d already had a birthday party at the weekend in Blackpool with his daddy’s family.

Tuesday – I went across to Harrogate to have my hair trimmed and highlighted. This is becoming so expensive, perhaps it’s time I changed from a town centre salon to one nearer home.

On the way home I stopped off at M&S, bought food for tea and picked up my charity Christmas cards.

When I got home there was a strange car parked here, very mysterious! More on that at the weekend.

Wednesday – Raining and cold. During the morning I looked after two-year old granddaughter Lily-Jane, Daddy Carlo collected her just after lunch. Otherwise very little else happened apart from a few domestic chores.

Today (Thursday) – It’s raining, it’s windy and very cold. Woody (the beagle) is not impressed with the weather and refuses to leave his bed.

I ran out of bread this morning and not wanting to venture out in this awful weather I decided to make my own. Oh my,  the aroma of delicious warm bread baking was almost too much.

Unfortunately, my bread was not the soft risen loaf with a light golden crust that I was expecting,  sadly, this is what I produced.

Bread Error

Not quite as domesticated and efficient as I make out am I? Perhaps I will remember to check the use by dates on the flour and yeast next time!

Diary Snippets adapted for the blog from my personal journal

© SueW-nansfarm.net 2018 – linked to  Word-prompt Contrast from Fandango 

11 thoughts on “Diary Snippets Week 2

    1. I’ve given up on the bread making until I buy fresh flour and yeast. Such a shame and it smelt so appetising too!
      I wish I could give up on Josh’s cleaning. It’s so strange that some parts have been looked after and others ignored. I normally went with him to check out possible houses but I think he got tired of me finding fault so didn’t take me on this one. Had I seen it before he purchased, I would probably have found fault again! I think he was dazzled by the new stuff. Thank you Trev 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You had an interesting week. Mould is not to be taken lightly. Bleach diluted with water is also great on mould. Does the bathroom have an exhaust fan? Not just for odours but also venting humidity. Does the house have a basement? If so, check it out. It is a favourite place for mould to grow. If mold is found you might be wise to wear a mask in that confined circumstance. If possible, try to determine the humidity of the house. Dehumidifiers can really make a big difference. Ah, the joys of owning a house. The best of luck to him. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dan. Fortunately it doesn’t have a basement. Tomorrow my son-in-law (a surveyor) is going over and we’ll have a better picture about where we go from here. Thank you so much for your advice I appreciate it.


  2. What type of person would sell and vacate a house/home without first making sure it was spotless?
    I like the grey kitchen cabinets but hate wood surfaces on workbenches,
    Are we going to see some photos of the house at some point?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. I don’t think they were planning on cleaning their new place either, they left a bucket full of cleaning stuff under the sink. I like the grey but dislike working on wood, even though it looks good. It’s the bathroom that turns my stomach I just want to rip it out! Photographs hopefully. Thanks Brian 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. gc

    You have had a very busy week Susan. Thank you for sharing the highlights of your week. My schedule is half as hectic as yours and I am still struggling to keep ahead of the game. Josh should be grateful he has you as his mother.

    Liked by 1 person

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