Pleasure and Fulfilment

The Wednesday Word-Prompt on our other site Weekly Prompts is a three-word question, NEAT vs LAX? The prompt is GC’s choice, he talks about the neatness of displays at his local supermarket and asks for our opinions.

I joked it could have been written for me, how presumptuous!

Where do I stand on this? Those of you who know me will already know that my answer is Neatness, though in some stores there isn’t really a choice to be made. I imagine it must be difficult to showcase loose fresh fruit and vegetables to the best advantage, therefore I’m very impressed with the shop assistant at Gerry’s store, and the beautifully arranged displays show how seriously he takes his role.

A year last October I took this photograph at one of my local supermarkets, at the time, Gerry and I compared this second rate display of munchkin pumpkin to the neat ones at his supermarket. (See what fun we have!)


Neatness At Home – I organise types of food together. Tinned tomatoes stack together on the same shelf and always next to the cans of baked beans, and all labels must face forward. The baked beans are arranged to the right of the shelf and I will move them if anyone places them on a different shelf, I don’t freak out, I just quietly get on with it.

I’ve no idea where the preference for neatness came from because my mother certainly didn’t organise her food shelves in an orderly way and neither was her home particularly organised.

My bedroom is neat and tidy, with never an item of clothing in sight, the ensuite bathroom is the same. The only items on view are, colour coordinated towels, a  jar of handwash, a favourite perfume and a small vase of flowers.

From a practical point of view, when one is tidy, the cleaning is simplified, and becomes an absolute doddle!

I understand if this is seen as some sort of obsession, though I would, of course, have to disagree. It pleases me to see neatness, I stand back and admire, and especially in my home. I see it as another way of seeking pleasure and fulfilment, and isn’t that something we all seek?

(C) 2018 Word-Prompt Neat vs Lax from Weekly Prompts

9 thoughts on “Pleasure and Fulfilment

  1. Sue–I love this! I am the same way with my pantry. Foods get rotated as items are purchased and all labels must face out. I thrive in neatness. Chaos makes me crazy and I must tidy up before I can get anything done. This post made me smile!

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    1. Exactly, and plumped up cushions, spotless kitchen work tops (counters), and as little as possible on view! Thank you Lois I’m so pleased I am not alone 🙂

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  2. Makes me think of locker inspections in the early days of life in the army. A place for everything, and everything in its place, and woe betide if it wasn’t! I’m less fussy now, although I do use a spirit level to check pictures on the wall occasionally!!

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  3. gc

    Another inspiring article Susan. It is not being compulsive to want to have one’s home in order. Many time’s though I do find the occasional “dust bunny” lurking about the place. Notice I said a single bunny and not a whole flock of the little buggers. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Gerry. Until I hooked up with you I’d never heard of the phrase dust bunny! I guess it’s a phrase that was coined at your side of the pond. I’m more likely to find dog hairs lurking under the kitchen sofa more than anything else. I cannot believe how quickly they build up, the bane of my life right now! 🙂


  4. I’m with you when it comes to neatness, especially in my kitchen; I could go into my kitchen and cupboards blindfolded and put my hands on whatever I need; in every cupboard.

    There are times when the War office thinks she’s helping but she just opens the doors and shoves whatever’s in her hands in and closes up.

    I get real mad, but it’s pointless saying anything so I just wait and sort it out when she’s finished and gone.

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