Alternative Sleeping Arrangements

Over at Proscenium it’s Week five of Friday Follies. Gosh how the weeks have passed, I’m a little late getting my act together and we’re almost at Friday/week six, nonetheless, I have an entry.

During the summer my son and I enjoyed a lovely few days up in Cumbria visiting the Lake District. We stayed at a beautiful 17th century Inn, supposedly haunted too! We spotted this sign near the Reception desk.

Gosforth Hall Inn

(C) SueW- 2018 Friday Follies week five photo challenge

8 thoughts on “Alternative Sleeping Arrangements

    1. Thank you Bren, I’d forgotten I had the picture. Your comment went to the Spam folder, second of my replies to do that. I shall start checking the folder each day from now on. 🙂


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    1. Over the years I’ve stayed in lots of hotels, but this old inn was definitely one of the best. Family run with local staff who went out of their way to be friendly and helpful plus the food was delicious!

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