Side by Side

“The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow.” ~ Jose Andres

This weekend over on our other site Weekly Prompts we spoke about the chilly weather and then we made comparisons between the seasons. So, have you guessed the challenge? You are correct… it’s Comparison.  

Here on Nan’s Farm I have a mixed bag of photos to compare, but only the first two have something to do with the seasons.


In the sitting room, traditional meets modern.

Kitchen fireplace

And in the kitchen traditional rules when staying warm and cosy. 

 silvercross-pram.jpgGuess what, I still have a Silvercross pram like this one. They were previously manufactured here in Yorkshire. I spotted this one when shopping in Mothercare with my third daughter.

Twin Travel

Lizzy prefers a more practical modern style for her little ones. 





BELOW – TEMPORARY VIDEO HOSTING for a friend, absolutely nothing to do with this post.

© 2018 – Photo Challenge ‘Comparison’ from Weekly Prompts

14 thoughts on “Side by Side

  1. Your home is quite lovely, and how do you keep the area around the wood stove so clean?? When I had one I don’t think it ever looked so well kept. Thank you for welcoming me to your other page, I saw the word in your challenge and just had to have it!!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Violet. I am something of a tidy freak, though compared to the upstairs sitting room, the kitchen is more lived in, A quick sweep after lighting the stove and a wipe clean a couple of times a week seems to suffice. I appreciate your comments thank you.


  2. Sue loved your pram comparison. Me, my brother & sister were all fortunate enough to have been pushed about in a silver cross – although of course we can’t remember those days (mid sixties to mid seventies). Isn’t it a shame that we don’t have those early cosy memories? Unfortunately my parents seem to have disposed of the pram as they didn’t have the room to store it. Also a shame.

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    1. Hi Selina, my youngest, my son, is now 29 and when he was born the big prams were more or less out of fashion, but I loved pushing mine up and down the lane to the village (we used to have grocers shops in the village back then!) and I was often stopped by people saying how much they liked my big pram. It was also used by two of my daughters, so four more babies had use of it.

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    1. When we were kids my brothers converted old prams into Go-carts, with friends they had a great time racing each other. The stove is very cozy but a little too warm when I get carried away with logs! The Electric one has a lovely warm glow, though I hardly ever combine the flames with the heat. Just seeing the dancing flames is enough. Thank you so much for your comments and for the visit. 🙂

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  3. gc

    Thanks again Susan for taking the time to share snippets of your family and daily activities with your readers. Always welcomed and totally appreciated. 🙂

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