Dear Diary

“Dear diary  today I met a boy. He stole my heart… And won’t give it back.   –  “Dear diary today my friends asked me to go camping so I made a list of all the things I will need.   1. New friends!” ~ Unknown


Dear Diary,

We need a catch-up, I have a few blank pages this week and that’s virtually unheard of, I need to carry on where I left off!.

Monday – This was a full day of frantic domestic activity.

Funeral servicesTuesday – I attended the funeral of an 89 year old former teacher, a lovely lady who taught my girls over thirty years ago.

I become emotional at funerals, the memories of those I have loved and lost rise to the surface, the sound of a familiar prayer or hymn also trigger a tear or two, therefore once again I was a reluctant attendee.

It was a bitterly cold morning, and the pouring rain did little to improve my melancholy.

There were approximately thirty attendees, not much to show for 89 years, and I couldn’t help wondering how many other funeral services scheduled for that day would have so few mourners.

Wednesday – The first snow-flakes of winter began to fall, I filmed a 30-second video, and afterwards, I took a screenshot from it and uploaded to BBC television Weather Watchers. 

Later, when curled up on the kitchen sofa watching the lunchtime news, my weather photo appeared on the screen behind the presenter as she announced: “This morning the first snow of winter began to fall!”

Weather picture 21st Nov 2018

I was thrilled to bits, oh, I am so easily pleased!

Also Wednesday – It was a chilly morning, and as it had begun to snow, I was quite relieved that I’d arranged a supermarket delivery, the first in many months.

Supermarket shopping can be very tiring as granddaughters, Scarlett and Lily-Jane prove here. Scarlett and Lily-Jane

Finally on Wednesday – Joshua (my twenty something son) collected the keys for his new house. He sold his apartment over a year ago and since then has been staying with me while searching for the right house. I feel quite sad because I don’t want him to leave, I shall miss his company. That said, he’s not going anywhere just yet, given he sold on most of his furniture to the buyer of his flat. I wonder if I’ll be invited to assist on the shopping trip.

Today –  I solved a couple of computer problems.

During the last couple of days my wireless keyboard on my all-in-one Lenovo PC was missing the occasional keystroke, I changed the batteries but no improvement. This morning I checked the drivers, and according to the device manager they were up-to-date, but with nothing to lose I updated anyway, and it’s worked fine ever since!

Remaining with the subject of computers, I’d noticed the machine was running slow on startup, so I looked at the Start Menu and disabled those programs that were consuming too much startup memory. I re-booted the computer and once again everything is running smoothly.

I didn’t have any plans for today and seeing as it’s foggy and dismal out there I’m glad I stayed home, kept warm and simply pottered.

Gerry and I are pretty organised and our Weekly Prompts site is already written up with a week or so sitting on the planner/schedule, as are the responses from my Nan’s farm blog and for the moment I have no immediate ideas for either site, so nothing more to do for now.

I’ve finished my few chores, and in a few minutes I shall spend the remainder of the afternoon curled up in front of the log burner with a catch up of Escape to the Country on TV.

Today’s blog entry was extracted from my personal ‘Daily Journal’. Edited slightly for the purpose of this blog.

© 2018 –  Linked to Fandango’s One Word Challenge Carry #FOWC

8 thoughts on “Dear Diary

    1. I’ve just found your comment sitting in the Spam folder! Sitting there alongside the many sites that seem very eager to tell me about football, sell something or show a few naked pictures. Out of luck on all counts. Them not me!

      Why on earth would your innocent comment end up there? I should check that folder more often.

      A couple of nights ago I commented on one of Ivor’s and that never appeared either, maybe that’s in the Spam too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “So another quiet Wednesday” is the sort of inoccuous comment that spammers use to lead on to something else. I am one of those strange men who don’t even know the rules of football, I prefer to give things away, or to charity, rather than selling, and I promise not to send you any naked pictures – ever!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We have always been a non football family too, well, until the girls married into the other side. Josh and I haven’t joined them. I never sell either, like you I always give away or pass to charity. Thank you so much for the promise of NOT sending naked pictures! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. MNL

    wow, sounds like you had a busy week. The kiddies look darling sleeping in the shopping cart. I thought they only fell asleep like that in cars


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