Talking Rubbish

This week over on our site Weekly Prompts, GC and I have been talking rubbish, trash if you happen to be at his side of the pond.

GC encounters a lot of problems with trash, including the human versions!

He tells us about a load of trash (not human) that had been dumped in the middle of the street near his building. More had been abandoned next to the large container bins.

So, no prizes for guessing our  Weekly Prompts Word-Prompt… it’s Trash Talk! 

The communal trash site for the building is outdoors and open to the elements, and unsurprisingly, I have an opinion on this.

If the bin area was undercover with a roof and four walls, perhaps the residents would think twice before haphazardly abandoning trash on the street and may even begin to take a pride in the area in which they live.

For a couple of years, my son lived in an apartment building near to several others. Some apartments were rentals and others owned by the residents. To the rear side of each apartment building were sheds/huts that housed large communal bins. When the bins were full, the residents placed the trash bags next to the appropriate bins; no one abandoned trash outside or dumped it in the middle of the street.

In the rural area where I live, the householders are issued with bins. Black for general trash, Green for recycling, and if required, brown for garden waste.

Dustbins at home

The eldest daughter and family trek all the way up the driveway on collection days with these bins. I have a second black bin that lives at our side of the neighbours farm track (see below) and the dustbin wagon empties it when driving down to the neighbours farm. However, the green bag is my overflow from our recycling bin which usually fills up quickly.

The recycle bag

The dustbin men kindly gave me recycling bags, and because this spot is sheltered from the wind, on their instructions, shortly before the truck arrives I place my overflow bags here. I had been concerned that the bags would be ripped apart by wildlife, but maybe because I rinse all food containers before putting them into my bin, they normally remain intact.

Well, well, who’d have thought it? Seems like talking rubbish takes up a lot of waste space after all!

(C) 2018 – Word-prompt Trash Talk from Weekly Prompts AND Fandango’s FOWC SHED

7 thoughts on “Talking Rubbish

  1. gc

    Bravo Susan! You have injected a new life and concern for the way folks handle or mishandle their trashy life issues. Love the wit, humor and creativity you used to do this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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