Friday Follies Day One

Today Friday 26th October, my WordPress friend Artisan X from Proscenium launched a pilot photo challenge named Friday Follies. The format for this may change, but for now, the idea is we submit a picture that fits the category of humorous signs, or “Did they really write that?” Something on those lines anyway.

Having promised I would take part in the maiden voyage and because I’m on a break I’m writing this post in advance of the launch date and popping it on the planner, all I need is a URL on the day for the pingback.

I’m not certain my picture is exactly what Jason had in mind, but seeing as his own responses are occasionally stretched to fit a challenge I don’t think he’ll mind!

Situated in a prominent position in a cafe doorway was a greetings card display stand, I spotted this amusing card straight away, and I wondered if it was purposely placed at eye view in the doorway, did a staff member have a sense a humour or was it simply a coincidence?


(C) 2018 In response to the first photo challenge ‘Friday Follies’ from ArtisanX     #profrifollies

21 thoughts on “Friday Follies Day One

  1. Didn’t respond in the right place! But this is an absolutely brilliant addition to the fun!
    PS I cannot thank you enough for all your help, suggestions and encouragement. Quick ? Did you turn pingbacks off on your “home” page for your challenge?

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    1. Oops, sorry, I will take another look at your site and edit my pingback while I have a few minutes.
      Yes on Weekly Prompts the pingbacks and comments are disabled on the homepage, we did this because the site was always about the challenges. Thank you for your own kind comments and as for the assistance, you are very welcome. 🙂

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    2. I’ve just checked my pingback and it’s on the page I’d expect it to be, your Friday Follies challenge page along with a few other pingbacks. Were you expecting the pingbacks to link to a different page? If so it might be better if you were to include in the challenge text the full URL that you want people to use for their pingbacks. 🙂

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  2. Hoping you did get my reply about it being my mistake. I was the one that didn’t initially respond in the right place. You were spot on. Sorry. However, thanks for the response to my question. I think it will help me. (What do you mean by adding the full URL?). I really feel like a beginner even though I have been doing this for years. 😳 I am really not this computer illiterate! 😕

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    1. Well, I learned something new from you today I didn’t realise it was possible to comment via the reader!

      Like you, GC has been blogging for years longer than me, but neither of us had set challenges before.
      We wanted to make it easier for people to see and copy the link for the pingback, so we pasted a copy of the URL on the challenge page just as WordPress did. Look at one of our challenge pages (Weekly Prompts) and you’ll see what I mean.

      I have since noticed on other challenge blogs that without a URL pasted onto the post page some people had difficulty when reading from a multi blog homepage, and instead they simply posted their own link in the comments.

      We ran into trouble at first because when writing in advance for the planner we copied and pasted the page URL into the challenge page but we hadn’t appreciated that the page URL would change on publication day. We then remembered that the URL of a blog post always includes the date, (unless it’s a business account) so when we published our challenges the date on the URL changed to the real time date and this rendered our pasted link useless.

      When we realised what was happening we began to manually alter the date on the pasted URL and predated to the forthcoming publication day. The URL must be in full, not the short link.

      To avoid further mishaps we now make sure we are both on the same date when a post is published, we publish after midnight Canada time, the UK is seven hours ahead (apart from right now as the clocks have gone back an hour in the UK).
      This has been another long essay type reply, sorry about that and I hope it makes for you! 🙂

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      1. I really appreciate it, so please don’t think it’s too much. It is so easy to fill in the blanks when you read a message, so your details are
        very helpful! (Now I just have to read through more carefully to make sure I understood what you said!) 😬💕

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments and the link, I appreciate the mention, thank you also for the Weekly prompts mention and for following us.
      You are so right, this is what it’s all about, all of us helping one another. I’m with you on WordPress prompts I’m also pleased they ceased. Thank you again 🙂


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      1. We also had a lack of rain during the summer and have recently had a warning that we’re in for another dry spell, very unusual for Yorkshire. The problem is our reservoirs are pretty depleted already.


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