Removing the Fluff

“ Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.” ~ Steve Martin.

This week the Midweek Word-prompt over on our other site Weekly Prompts is Humour (humorand was chosen by GC. He recounts a recent conversation at the supermarket checkout and includes a snippet about the great unwashed. He asks if we have experienced a similar situation in which our personal tipping point was reached. 


The funny side of life – I see comedy in all walks of life, if there’s humour to be had I will find it. Now and then it presents itself at inappropriate moments, and it’s at those times that I need to reluctantly bite my tongue and remember where I am.

My sense of smell is pretty good and unsurprisingly I have a few pet peeves on the subject. 

  • The scent of the unwashed –   It wafts into my breathing space along with the unclean bodies that invade my personal zone. I’m not talking about the sweaty armpits of someone who has recently returned from a run, though that too is pretty naff. I’m talking about the stale body odour, the build-up that occurs in those who think a wet flannel here and there is enough! 

No! It’s not enough, I’m with GC’s  checkout girl on this one. Remove the fluff from your belly button, take a shower, or climb in the bath-tub, it’s five minutes of your time, do us all a favour for goodness sake!

  • Smokers – those who appear to be unaware of the obnoxious smell emitting from their very being. (especially in communal doorways). Forty years ago I used to be one (a smoker), but until someone points out the sickening odour that is clinging to them (to the rest of us this is no different to the unwashed) they will remain clueless, so someone please be cruel to be kind and tell them!
  • Laundry – The offensive capsule.  I love newly laundered sheets, freshly washed clothes and the delicate aroma of fabric softener. Occasionally though, someone has used a strong smelling laundry capsule that is overbearing and just too much to stomach. I cannot imagine a scenario where I would prefer people to remember me by the odour of a laundry capsule instead of my favourite perfume!

I have other pet peeves, but if I were to air those, I would probably offend everyone I’ve managed to avoid so far!

Editorial Note: Right now I am taking a break, the challenges from Weekly Prompts  have and will be written by GC for the next couple of weeks. The responses from nansfarm have been written in advance. My intention is to pop in and out of WordPress, but please accept my apologies if I miss some of your posts. Normal service will be resumed after the break!

(C) 2018. In response to the word-prompt Humour from Weekly Prompts.

13 thoughts on “Removing the Fluff

  1. Oh yes I know that unclean/unwashed feeling, only too well. I really hate to think how I smelt after a 32 hour travel time between showers and being on the travel/tourist merry-go-round

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    1. Wow! That was one very long journey Ivor. Don’t worry I’m sure you can’t have been anything like the sort I was referring to!


  2. You love to bring back old memories for me don’t you Sue 😀
    This reminds me of the time I worked for the Royal Insurance Company Ltd, ( Upon which the Sun never sets) back in the early 1950s.
    The office at 414-416-418 Collins Street Melbourne C1 telephone MU 7765 was not air conditioned, We could open some of the windows on really hot (100° ) days .
    There was one young lady, who’s name I don’t recall, all I can remember about her was that she was a very devout Catholic ( I have a friend in Melbourne who worked with me at that time, still alive, living in Melbourne, next time we speak I’ll see if he remembers her) and she did not use a deodorant.

    We had one Joker, a lot older than what I was, who was a bit of a WAG, and he was apt to make rhymes, and BO was a thing, and about this poor unfortunate lass he came up with

    “Poor Old Flo
    We all Know
    That she dont use
    Oh doh row no”

    he also used “Don’t Hum Use Mum”

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  3. gc

    Many people Susan have hyper sensitive sniffers and can readily relate to the expression “there’s something rotten in Denmark”.

    When I used to use public transportation to get around town I would dread sitting beside someone who seemed to be a total stranger to the art of bathing.

    In the summer it is easy to sit near a nearby window and open it for a welcome breath of fresh air. In the winter you have to either change seats or hold your breath until mercifully your stop is reached.

    The problem magnifies itself if you are sitting in an airplane and this situation happens. You only options here are lower your oxygen mask or bring your own parachute. I believe many airlines frown on passengers departing from a plane in this manner. 🙂

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