A Simple Question

Questioning takes as much skill as giving the right answers!” ~ Unknown

The midweek word-prompt over on our other site https://weeklyprompts.com is QUESTION. This is my own response to the prompt.

Children question everything don’t they? In part, this is a good thing we need them to be curious about the world in which they live, questioning and finding the answers is how we learn.

3EA75033-DBAB-4A7D-A7E1-280DFFA787A3What about the one question that is asked the most – ARE WE THERE YET? Oh, how often have we heard that one, we’ve barely turned the corner of the street and one of them pipes up with are we there yet?

It’s the other type of question that tends to annoy as they repeatedly ask – Why do I have to go to bed, why do I have to eat that, why do have to tidy up? And the list goes on. 

 I learnt very early on as a parent that children are challenging, it’s part of their make-up. Therefore, in an effort to reduce tensions, when issuing an instruction to one of my children I usually included the word because and said why I needed them to do as they were asked, unfortunately, it didn’t work every time! 

My late husband always used the word but he was old school, and the word was usually included in his answer – Because I told you to!  He never learned the skill of avoiding/reducing child confrontation.

Every morning I ask this question of myself – Why do I wake up so early? It seems to make little difference whether I go to bed at ten o’clock, eleven o’clock or midnight, I’m almost always awake before six . Waking up early means a long day ahead, and it’s often difficult to fill those hours.

I am fortunate that all my children live close by, I spend a lot of time with each of them, and I catch up with friends regularly.

I’m certainly not lonely, I enjoy having time to myself and spending time alone with just the dog is never a problem, but since I retired coming to terms with long days is difficult, it’s inevitable that occasionally I become bored.

I’m a doer, but I become bored easily I need to be busy, my mind and body needs stimulation. Over the years I became what my late husband called a professional volunteer! I volunteered as a nurse in a hospice, Sunday school teacher, classroom assistant, chair of the PTA and a school governor at the school where I worked, but I’ve no desire to start any of that again.

As an adult and the mother of five children, I went to university and gained a degree, but that wasn’t enough for me, despite landing my dream job of teaching computing.  I took it one step further and went to college in the evenings to become a Microsoft Specialist.

Why can’t I ditch a couple of hours, wake up around eight o’clock instead of before six o’clock?  I wouldn’t have time to be bored if I woke a little later, though knowing me, I would probably start to complain that there weren’t enough hours in the day!  There’s no pleasing some people!

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the word-prompt QUESTION from Weekly Prompts –  http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/10/17/word-prompt-question

12 thoughts on “A Simple Question

  1. Maureen Helen

    I really like this topic, Sue, and your response. Not sure anyone has the answer to why some people wake at the same time every day. What really intrigues me is how it happens in summer and winter. It can’t be the light that wakes us.

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    1. I used to think it was the lighter mornings in the summer, but for the last couple of years I’ve continued the habit into winter. Perhaps I just need less sleep these days.


  2. An expert would tell you to adjust your body clock by going to bed progressively later, until you wake at the time you wish, then go to bed half an hour earlier each day until such time as you have the rhythm you desire. I am not an expert!

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    1. That is good advice Peter I usually average around 11.00 PM . I will try it but right now I’m having problems keeping my eyes open so at just after 9.15PM I’m off to bed and almost two hours earlier than usual!

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  3. Remind me of an elderly South African lady who worked with me back in 1965, dear old soul, She got me into going to Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne,, where I was living at the time.
    One day when we were travelling into the city on the company bus, she told me that she was having lots of trouble sleeping and that her doctor had told her to have “a glass” of port every night before bed. The good old days of doctoring :D'”

    Well this lady, who’s name I no longer remember, had no idea what what size glass he meant, so she’s gone into an hotel and asked a bartender what was “a glass”, so the barman showed her a glass that he’d serve a beer up in, and gave her one, (these days they probably charge you for the glass) and she bought a bottle of port.

    She told me that she was sleeping very well with her glass of port every night until one night, she awoke needing to go to the lavatory, and as she staggered to the lav .she realized that she was as drunk as a lord, and had probably been going to bed that way for some time.

    She asked me what sized glass she should be taking her nightly drop in, when I stopped laughing I informed her perhaps a 4 oz would suffice, not the half pint/10 oz that she’d been using


    1. I like this one, I’m surprised she could actually stand! Not sure that 4oz would be enough for me. That said I haven’t had a drink in weeks.


  4. gc

    Kudos to you and your ambition Susan. There is an expression you can’t keep a good woman down and your ambitions have made you the creative person you are today. Bravo. 🙂 Revel in your successes.

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