9 to 5

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to!” ~ Richard Branson

This weekend over on our other site  https://weeklyprompts.com the photo-challenge was People at Work. G.C. and I asked our readers to take photos of working individuals and share with us.

Normally, we take turns to write our prompts and challenges, but because I was ill last week and needed to abandon a barely begun challenge, my partner G.C. stepped in to help, and our weekly photo-challenge became a collaborative effort. I thank him for his support and I’m grateful for his concern. 

I’d looked forward to getting out and about and doing a little leg work for my personal response to this challenge, unfortunately, I couldn’t do that, so I delved into my files instead. 

Chris Chimney SweepI took my first picture of ‘People at Work quite recently. In fact watching Chris, my chimney sweep, gave me the idea for this challenge. Chris is seen here giving my kitchen multi-fuel burning stove its annual chimney clean.

Farm manager with feed supplimentsFrom my kitchen window I watched a farmhand unload the dried feed while the livestock waited noisily for their daily supplements.

While waiting for my hair to highlight over at Meraki  Hair Salon in Harrogate, I became bored when I realised I no longer recognised any of the so-called celebrities in the gossip magazine I was reading, so I turned around and took photos of the girls instead!  

Knaresborough a street musicianA street musician from Kosovo in the Balkans plays his sweet music outside a Knaresborough bakery. We’ve met before, in Ilkley last year, also outside a bakery.

The Knaresborough Town CrierStaying in Knaresborough, we meet the very charming ‘Town Crier’ just before he announces the forthcoming annual Knaresborough bed race. The charity bed race began  in Knaresborough, and the idea spread throughout the world. The town crier here makes a weekly announcement on each market Day and on all special occasions. If you’d like to read more about the British Town Crier, please click Here.

Inspecting the apples – I wonder if Vladimir has been picking up a few poisoning tips from the wicked queen in Disney’s Snow White. Interesting thought huh? Perhaps the next time he needs to take a man down, he might take an idea from the Bible, and send in Eve!

Putin apples 3Putin inspects orchard & Russian applesObviously, the above two pictures aren’t my photos, but they do show a group of men at work and let’s face it, they were crying out to be mocked and ridiculed, which is something I found too difficult to resist!

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018 – In response to the photo-challenge from Weekly Prompts http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/10/13/photo-challenge-people-at-work

Footnote: I am by no means making light of the serious attack on Sergei Skripal, 66, his 33-year-old daughter, Yulia, and Police Sergeant Detective Nick Bailey in Salisbury, England in March of this year, which was followed in July by the death of 44-year old Dawn Sturgess from the same deadly nerve agent Novichok. 

7 thoughts on “9 to 5

  1. A most dangerous man.
    Used to love apples as a lad, I don’t know why but apples in Australia are usually tasteless mushy things; My favourite was the Cox’s Orange pippin, Please don’t say that don’t grow them anymore.

    I was pretty lucky that they stopped young boys from climbing up the chimney pots, I’m sure my mother would have thought it the perfect career for me and shoved me up aged 10


    1. Dangerous indeed. Sadly, there’s too many of the likes of him and they’re becoming bolder.
      Brian you’ll be happy to know your favourite apple is still grown here! 🙂


      1. Now all I need to do is grow a new set of teeth and get stuck into one.
        (After loosing my stomach I was warned that I would shrink so much that what teeth I had would all fall out, and they did 😥
        I once had what was called the perfect bite, which has been passed onto my offspring thankfully They all have big grins! :D) )

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Teeth or no teeth, you will always have your cheery smile.
        I’m reluctant to lose more than a few pounds, I don’t want to suddenly age if I can avoid it and when you’re older that always happens doesn’t it? Plus, I used to be a dental nurse (a long time ago) and am aware teeth loosen with age and like you say, weight loss speeds up the process! 😀


      3. I was 88 kg before the gastrectomy I went down to the 65 kg, that was what my dietician wanted; but I’ve slipped down now to 58 kg, I’m a shadow of my former self 💀


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