A lightbulb moment!

“My curiosity and my commonsense are arguing again! I don’t think this is going to end well.” ~   Minion Stuff


The Midweek Word-prompt over on our other site https://weeklyprompts.com is Curious and was chosen by GC.

He asks if any of us have found ourselves in a similar situation to the one he describes. I have not, therefore, my response focuses on the word itself, however,  I will share that I was more than a little amused when he told me the reason for the word-prompt, and all I can say on the matter is I hope he didn’t take the above advice too literally! 

Thinking outside the box When I renovated my house, for practical purposes, instead of bedside table lamps, I chose wall lights. Three years later, two of the bulbs needed replacing and unfortunately,  choosing replacements didn’t exactly go to plan.

Bedroom wall lights

The DIY/home store was out of stock of candle bulbs so I ordered online.

Firstly, after opening the parcel, I assumed I must have ticked the wrong box and ordered the wrong colour when my intention was to purchase warm white, so I’m curious to know whether it was my mistake or theirs. Secondly, after reading the label, I’m curious to know why anyone would create lightbulbs simply for decorative purposes, and I’m even more curious to know why the life expectancy is only 1000 hours. If I’m not supposed to use the bulbs to illuminate my room, shouldn’t I expect a longer lifetime?

ligt bulb box

I re-ordered my bulbs and I definitely ticked the correct boxes – Warm White,  Dimmable Candle bulbs. This time, however, they sent Non-dimmable! Tomorrow I will start again.

(c) SueW nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the word-prompt Curious from Weekly Prompts. http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/10/03/word-prompt-curiosity

14 thoughts on “A lightbulb moment!

  1. I’m always curious as to actually who reads the online order forms, it’s curiously obvious that many of them cannot read, or curiously ignore most of the order form, but curiously they nearly always find your address 😉 When I send a message online, curiously it never changes from what I’ve actually typed in. And again I’m curious as to how they get it wrong🤔🤔🤔

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  2. Maureen Helen

    Very frustrating, Sue. Mail ordering is a bit of a mystery to me still, and made worse by living in an apartment where the security is so well managed that only Australia Post has access to the mail room. Mail ordering is at one’s one risk, as parcels are left outside the main doors until some kind soul activates the door and puts the parcel inside.

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    1. I enjoy wandering around the local DIY/home store, but when they don’t have what I need I will shop online instead of finding another store.
      I think the problem with the lightbulbs lies with this particular online store, I don’t normally encounter problems with online shopping.

      Most of my Christmas shopping is done online and as Christmas get’s ever closer I become the postal delivery address for everyone else’s parcels (family).

      Oh dear I can imagine how frustrating your parcel deliveries must be. Mostly, if I’m not home the delivery drivers will hide the parcels and leave a note through the letterbox, occasionally when a signature is required they are returned to the depot.


  3. Strangely, my wife ordered some felt tip pens online and they delivered a canvas! They even emailed to say they had made a mistake , but she could keep the canvas!! Such a strange world at times that I think Alice in Wonderland is becoming a reality with every passing day

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    1. I’m using them and they are dimmable. They may not be as aesthetically pleasing to me as soft white, but they are functional, so until replacement arrive they will do!

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    1. If I had bedside lamps I wouldn’t have space for my house phone, iPhone, iPad, book, water and coffee cup, AND I’d probably still have the same lightbulbs! 🙂

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