Car Share

Forget the privacy, we all are the spy and spying each other in every way on every subject.”  ~ Ehsan Sehgal.

This weekend the Photo Challenge over on our other site is From the Car.  We suggested our readers have fun with the challenge, play it straight or turn the challenge into a game. My own response is something of a mixture and includes contributions from my family.

From the school busThe teenage grandson on the school bus had bagged the best front seat, and after putting his feet up, he settled down for the ride home. Then the bus came to a sudden halt. There’s nothing like someone else’s misfortune to have all the kids on the top deck reaching for their phones!

One snowy dayWhen it snows in the UK, traffic often comes to a standstill. Eldest daughter Victoria worried she would end up sleeping in the car this night!

Little house

Youngest daughter Sophie admires this little cottage every time she pulls up at her little one’s nursery school. It’s very green with a cute little flower garden.  Who lives in a house like this? The little leprechauns of course!


Second daughter Louisa shows pretty nifty penmanship, and with her creative writing style, the sky’s the limit!

Some bad Parking in my village – Not only is this one parked on the wrong side of the road toward oncoming traffic, but it’s also on a bend and the brow of a hill!


 Zooming in on Take off!


Julie wondered whether to buy Deadly Nightshade  (Atropa Belladonna)  – Or  go ahead with plan A and use the weapon that was badly concealed in her pocket!   Okay, I know I cheated with this one, but I’d only just parked the car!

The Alien boy attempting to hide on platform one hadn’t realised his hooded disguise had slipped away. Meanwhile, the Bounty hunter in the carpark zoomed in!

 Come on, you know you’re dying to give it a go!  Join us, the link is below!

Footnote: Road safety was observed during my in-car photography – I was the passenger.

(C) 2018. In response to the photo challenge ‘From the Car from Weekly Prompts.

7 thoughts on “Car Share

    1. She’s in the process of developing her own blog, some very clever stuff on there. I agree about the contrails. You know whenever I hear a light aircraft I am immediately transported to my childhood!
      Just received pics from the eldest, wish I had your wit for the captions!

      Liked by 1 person

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