The Street View

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there!” ~ Lewis Carroll

Today I’m taking part in another challenge from Ryan Photography. The photo prompt is Streets.  Love it!

To kick off this street post, I’m beginning with something a little different, last Saturday’s ‘Otley Folk Festival’. The festival showcases live bands and dancers performing in pubs and on the streets of the little market town; oh what a joy to watch.

The Northampton Witchmen, filmed by my daughter Sophie, dance Morris from the dark side, and initially sent her three-year- old scurrying behind mum’s legs! A Pagan Ritual Dance meets Street Entertainment.

The band in this next video, perform on the street outside an Otley pub,  they play one of my all-time country favourites with a title that is just perfect for this post!

Street Pictures – Apologies if you’ve already viewed some of the following street photographs.

Our narrow lane 2

Coming out of my driveway on to the street where I live

The Village Cross

My Village Street

New Market with edges

Lots of eateries on this narrow Street in Otley Yorkshire


A Street Market, Skipton Yorkshire


Main Street  Howarth,  Yorkshire, the home of the Brontes


The Shambles, York, the oldest street in England


Stonegate, York


Goslings crossing the street in York


London 17th December 2016, Regent Street. We watched a protest march against the Syrian genocide in Aleppo.


The Mall – Buckingham Palace London

(C) 2018. In response to the photo challenge STREETS from Ryan Photography.

11 thoughts on “The Street View

  1. Got some pictures of me in The Shambles. taken in 2005,There is a street at or near Wells Cathedral that I thought was the oldest street in England, perhaps it’s the oldest residential street as there were/are no shops or business ‘s in it. Then again York is a pretty old town, I loved it; and the best beer I’ve ever had.

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    1. The Shambles is generally recognised as the oldest street dating back to medieval times, there’s actually a Roman road underneath.

      You are right Brian, Vicars’ Close, Wells in Somerset is thought to be the oldest residential street in England.

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