“Wash your hands and say your prayers because germs and Jesus are everywhere!” ~ Unknown

Germs 1


The midweek word-prompt over on our other site https://weeklyprompts.comis ATM Germs and was written by GC. He is suffering from a mild bout of flu, which he has blamed on the ATM machine. He asks what precautions we take to guard against picking up these germs. This is my response to his prompt.

It’s that time of year again,  and viruses are ripe for the picking! They’ve been dormant for a while, but now they’re awake and lying in wait for the unsuspecting to take a breath at the wrong moment as some careless carrier sneezes, coughs and contaminates the air. The same careless individual leaves behind damp traces of the virus, traces that lurk hidden from view on everything that is handled.

GC and I hold simliar views here, but I’m afraid I’m a tad OCD, (is tad possible with this one?). The first thing I do when returning home is wash my hands, I cannot bear to have dirty hands and I just know they will be full of unseen bugs picked up from everything I have touched.

Within days of packing the children off to school, the dreaded phone call is received. Arriving at school to collect the offspring, you groan as you notice that the brand new school uniform that was proudly posed in yesterday for the obligatory new term photo, is now covered in whatever was consumed at breakfast, midmorning and lunch.

These kind of bugs are widespread in school and often because thoughtless parents send their children back to class too soon. This happened last week at my daughter’s school, and within a day or two, six more children and two staff from the Reception class were affected.


Another virus that spreads itself around at this time of year is one that kicks off during midsummer and continues into Autumn. It’s shown here on three-year-old granddaughter Evie who was not at all happy to have picked up this from her little cousins William and Alice!

Having had plenty of contact with these Chicken Pox, infected grandkids I am relieved I had the Shingles vaccine last year.

The previous year I was offered the pneumonia vaccine alongside the usual flu jab, and I accepted. The nurse told me it would last a lifetime. I was impressed and told her so, and then she added, “ Actually it’s ten years!” I looked her squarely in the eye and said, “Oh,  I see,  you don’t mean everyone’s lifetime, you just mean mine,  you don’t expect me to live any longer than ten years!”

Ah well, there’s another eight to go, so I’d best make the most of them!

(c) 2018. In response to the word-prompt ATM Germs from Weekly Prompts.

12 thoughts on “Germinating

    1. Oh dear, that’s not good, hope it gets sorted soon. My difficulty right now is searching the media file when using the WP App, it freezes after a few seconds. It’s absolutely fine if I ignore the APP and work from the admin dashboard. Presumably this is due to an update too.

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  1. I never seem to get bugs and things, haven’t had an headache for years, that’s if you don’t include the War Office;forget when I last had a really bad cold in da nose, I suppose it;s my nurse Percy’s fault she sticks needles into me, whether I think I need them or not.
    I only get the good stuff like cancer and strokes; stuff that I can handle and cope with no worries :twisted:, runny nose YUK!

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    1. I think most of our immunity is gained during childhood. I can remember poking about in the street grates (drains). I used to find I would pick up a cold when I was over tired. I’ve had flu twice in my life and was hospitalised once but that was because of breathing problems. You did well to avoid infection during chemo Brian. My late husband never caught a cold and was never ill, until heart problems and later cancer.

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  2. gc

    Great write up Susan. In many cosmopolitan areas visitors from countries all over the world use ATM machines and purchase items with their charge cards. In such an environment new strains of bugs are left on the key pads of such card charging mechanisms. Susceptible individuals such as myself inadvertently use the same machines and a few days later find ourselves to be the unlucky recipients of colds, flu and breathing difficulties. Today is my first day back on the recovery list. I will be more cautious and not merely an OCD person. 🙂

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