The Easy Option

“Don’t you think we should get an employee discount when we use the self checkout?” ~ Unknown

The Midweek Word-prompt over on our other site is Intuition and was chosen by GC. This is my second response to the prompt.

Don’t you just love to smile? Well, this article certainly had that tickling effect on me. To be honest, as soon as I realised the gist of this article my intuition told me what was going to happen next!

In my mind, I watched you (GC) trotting along with your organised basket of ten items or less for your first lesson in self-scanning, and then that sinking feeling in your gut told you it was about to go pear-shaped, or in this instance Yam shaped!

I love it that you did an about turn and rejoined the queue at the express line of ‘Ten Items or Less’, but I can’t help wondering who finished paying first, you or the Yam lady?

I often use the self scanning check out but only for a few items and yes I do cringe in anticipation of problems if I have loose fresh produce because then I have to choose between white onions, brown onions, spring onions, organic onions, organic broccoli, whole broccoli, tender-stem broccoli, and the list it seems is endless.

Recently, a little bird told me “Stop fussing about it, choose the cheapest option, who’s going to check?” Now there’s a useful asparagus tip, though I hasten to add, I haven’t tried it and am very unlikely to!

Moving on from the various shades of greens – let’s talk about the other forms of new technology, the parcel collection. What does your intuition tell you here?

The Amazon parcel pick up is based inside the supermarket with no human involvment, so if we go wrong here…Tough!

Amazon parcel collection

Outside the building is the InPost parcel collection, no humans here either. Quite honestly, I can’t remember seeing an option for either when I ordered my parcel, and even if I had, I’m certain I would have opted for home delivery.

A Parcel collection in the car park

Talking of home delivery – When I returned home today, a parcel was perched on my doorstep, perfume no less, but I’m interested to know why the delivery person coudn’t simply hide the item behind the plant pots, why leave in such an obvious place?

I might also mention that when my doorbell is pressed the caller is filmed, my phone rings and I can answer the door when away from home.  The door history shows that no one rang the doorbell today, this tells me that even if I had been at home, I would never have known the parcels were sitting on the doorstep because I don’t have a view of the front door from the back of the house!

So which is best, technology or the human touch? What does your intuition say to this one?

(c) 2018. In response to the word-prompt Intuition from Weekly Prompts –


6 thoughts on “The Easy Option

  1. Always, always, the human touch. Technology is great, but without some form of human intervention then we are left with soulless bots. As humans we need those smiles, those thank yous and all of the other niceties. Imagine if Father Christmas became an Amazon collection point. Oh my 🙂

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    1. Oh, Trev, I love your reply here. I agree with you. Always believe… loved that film! For others, Miracle on 34th street!
      Technology has its place and you and I embrace it, but the human touch is always needed. Thank you Trev 🙂

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  2. I love self check out and use it almost every day. There is always lots of human contact – teaching others how to use the system! Apparently the proliferation of self check outs has resulted in huge increases in theft, by exactly the method you suggest – choosing a cheaper option than is correct!!

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    1. Many years ago Safeway had hand held scanners that you used as you shopped. My kids loved those, supermarket shopping became a great outing. Every so often on the way out of the store you would be stopped for a random check of your shopping. I hated those, I always worried that we had slipped up and one of us hadn’t scanned correctly. I can imagine the theft has cost money, can’t help wondering if it’s worth it. Here’s an idea, robot scanning could be a fun outing for my grandkids!

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  3. I like doing the supermarket shopping,.I refuse to use the self check out, just the greedy supermarket chains trying to cut down and eventually get rid of the check out chicks, both my girls and my son started their working lives as chicks or in the case of Nathan stacker/packer. and it served them well.
    I like the little chat with the 50/60 year old check out chicks at my local, when I’m shopping and don’t care how long I wait in a queue;
    I love picking and choosing my own fruit & veggies, meat (sort of) and cannot understand why some people order the stuff on line and get it delivered, Got to pick and sniff my own stuff; then if it’s no good I have no one to blame but the War Office!

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    1. I’ve had online deliveries during winter when I couldn’t face the weather, though the time it takes me to choose from all the options tells me itmight have been quicker to drive there and pick up my own! 🙂


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