Shirty Shopper

“Random idea: Road traffic rules in supermarkets. For clueless shopping cart drivers; no standing…(and chatting) no blocking aisles…keep moving…stay to one side…right of way…” ~ Anonymous

The Midweek Word-prompt over on our other site is Nuisance and was chosen by GC. This week he has a little complaint (yes he has) about the handlers of supermarket carts. That would be supermarket trolleys if you’re at my side of the pond. Not sure what they are called in other parts of the world, so please do tell.

Unsurprisingly, I do have something to say on the subject.

Firstly: There I was minding my own business, pushing my trolley and browsing one of the supermarket aisles, I slowed to a halt as I spotted an item of interest. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back as simultaneously I was jolted forward. Turning around, I expected to see someone offering an apology, instead, I found this chap, carrying a wire shopping basket ahead of his belly and wearing an angry expression. 

He glared at me and demanded to know why I’d suddenly stopped. Well, me being me, I apologised, “I’m sorry I stopped, but this is what you do in the supermarket, and perhaps you shouldn’t walk so close to the person in front.” I stopped short of asking him if he was expecting hand signals! He gave a grunt and without another word he walked away. He may not have been pushing a trolley, but he was certainly an annoying nuisance!

Secondly: Which is the main aisle, which aisle takes precedent in the supermarket? I would assume it’s the centre aisle, for example, in my supermarket it’s the one running from West to East, whilst the others, the majority,  the ones running from North to South, I tend to liken to minor roads, the ones leading to the main trunk road. 

Thirdly: Back to supermarket trolleys and their handlers.  Should the trolley users on other aisles give way to trolley users on the main aisle? My opinion is yes they should, if only because I’m tired of applying my body brakes each time some careless trolley driver comes shooting onto the main aisle like some reckless teenager on a joy ride! Some joy!

(c) – in response to the word-prompt Nuisance from Weekly Prompts.

13 thoughts on “Shirty Shopper

  1. Maureen Helen

    I love shopping, even in supermarkets. Perhaps especially in supermarkets, because one really does have to buy food and why not make it an interesting expedition? (In my part of Australia, the West, we call those things trolleys, by the way.) Now we live in the centre of the city of Subiaco, I walk to the shops most days. It’s getting back to the way my mother used to shop, when I was a child in the 1930s and 1940s. Then we had no refrigerators, so she shopped for perishables every day. I thoroughly enjoy browsing, and try not to notice when other people are impatient because I stop and look at what I’m buying.

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    1. My favourite stores are the home stores, the ones where you buy kitchen equipment, bedding, pretty lamps etc. I could spend a whole day browsing and trying to resist temptation to buy something I don’t need! The last couple of years I had my weekly food shop delivered but since my son moved back home I don’t do that. We take it in turns to buy the shopping and I shall miss that when he moves out.

      I can remember my mum shopping on a daily basis too, a corner shop that was just down the road.

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  2. Actually as a bloke !! I don’t mind shopping, and I’m very courteous and patient with my trolley, I suppose I’ve time and I’m in no rush, so I give way to red faced flustered mums with three screaming children, and I do feel sorry for them, and they’ve probably just picked them all up from school, and today I helped a mum carry her groceries out to the car, her children were being a troublesome handful, she thanked me with a shake of the hand a wry smile, and I said I had a mum too when I was youngerer !!

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  3. Growing up a mile and a half from the nearest shop I learned early on to ride a bike with heavy bags hanging from each handle bar, so trolleys are no problem. I have learned the subtle art of shunting other trolleys out of the way when they are poorly parked, people too sometimes!

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  4. I’ve always loved shoving my shopping trolley around the supermarket, and now even more so, I don’t need my walking stick so I look young and virile. I love going to supermarkets, trouble is I’m a compulsive shopper.

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    1. I’m often guilty of that one too. If I’m in a hurry I will stick to the list, but if I’ve plenty of time I like nothing more than browsing the home and kitchen aisles. A few months ago I came home with a herb chopper, it’s basically scissors with lots of blades. I have never once used it and probably because most of the herbs I use come from jars! 😀


  5. MNL

    when I lived in Japan, I thought how narrow the lanes were. When I returned home to Arizona, USA, I thought wow! how big the aisles are in the grocery stores. I’d never really noticed before. Most times unless someone is stopped in the very middle, carts can go down side by side and people generally don’t mind if you stop because it’s easy to go around you. I do think that guy was rude and should have apologized for bumping into you — no one should follow that close. Of course people are going to stop to look at the food and read the labels.

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    1. He was very rude, I agree. As he walked away I called him a bad mannered grumpy old git! Under my breath of course!

      Every time a new supermarket is built over here I am always amazed at how wide the aisle are. There would be ample room for three trolleys if the owners didn’t abandon them stuck out sidewards whilst they examined something on the shelf!

      Unfortunately, and I hate saying this seeing as I’m nearing that dreaded age, the older people get, the less awareness and good manners they seem to have, rather like when they park their cars with a total disregard for other car park (parking lot) users! Gosh, now I’m the grumpy one!

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      1. MNL

        (laughing at you muttering under your breath) Yeah, sticking out sideways would definitely be a problem. I haven’t seen that here but of course now that I said that, it’ll happen to me next time I go shopping, lol.

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