Poor Old Mr McGregor

Over on our other site https://weeklyprompts.com the Weekend Photo Challenge is Animals in Nature. This is my somewhat different and second response to the challenge.

Is Peter Rabbit undeservedly on a pedestal? 


The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a cute little story by Beatrix Potter and if you haven’t  heard my version or would like to hear it again please do so now.  Listen with Mother 

It all boils down to (and unfortunately his dad was), the question of Peter Rabbit’s status, is he an innocent woodland victim or is the perpetrator of mischief, like father like son? Let’s not forget Peter’s extended family, his cousins led by little Benjamin Bunny, do they also make daring daytime raids on the leafy cabbages in Mr McGregor’s garden?


What about the little mouse in the story, as she scurried to and fro over the doorstep with peas and beans to take back to her family, was she innocent?


Perhaps we should think about Mr McGregor himself, after all he doesn’t look very happy in this picture. Crawling around on hands and knees at his age, let’s not forget he is a senior, and his poor old knees must be giving him jip, not to mention his aging hips!


I’d like to think Mr McGregor has a sense of fun and rather enjoys this game of bunny chasing and he does get a rabbit pie occasionally. What do you think?


Included below is a short video of a little hedgerow creature filmed by my son when he was walking Woody beagle last evening. At the request of Josh I removed his conversation with the little creature!

Any ideas? It looks a little dark for a mouse, could it be a vole?

All photographs shown above were taken by me on a recent visit to the Beatrix Potter Exhibition in Cumbria England.

Many thanks to Mike over at bitaboutbritain for planting the seeds of thought that led to the alteration of my original theme for this article.

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the photo challenge Animals in Nature from Weekly Prompts. http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/08/25/photo-challenge-animals-in-nature


7 thoughts on “Poor Old Mr McGregor

  1. The one glimpse of nose reminded me of a shrew. Grubbing away industriously, wasn’t he?

    Peter Rabbit is actually a sca-harey hare in disguise on a mission to take over the earth … or the warren, at any rate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure you and the girls would love it. I’m also thinking you might like the post I’ve written for tomorrow (I hope), I loved writing it, my favourite so far. 🙂


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