Blink and they’re gone!

“I dream of a better tomorrow, when chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives!” ~ Anonymous

This weekend the Photo Challenge over on our site is Animals in Nature.   This is my response to the challenge.

Cow and Calf

Call of Nature


Ducking and Diving

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(c) 2018 In response to the photo challenge Animals in Nature from Weekly Prompts.

6 thoughts on “Blink and they’re gone!

  1. What pretty birds, I’m rather fond of watching fish swimming around in circles; there’s always something so peaceful in fish.
    When we lived in Manly we had a lovely little fish pond in the front garden with lots of small gold fish swimming around having a gay old time until one day some very large bird, managed to find it’s way to our place and the pond.
    Having rather long legs and being somewhat hungry it devoured the lot :(. I have a photo I took of this murderous creature taken just after I’d caught him preening himself after the feast

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    1. I’d love to see it. You’ve given me an idea for my Saturday photo challenge for my other blog. We had a wildlife garden and a pond at the school I worked at and one day my colleague managed to snap a crane with a frog hanging out of its mouth. Right
      Place, right time etc. I should find out if she’s still got it. Thanks Brian 🙂


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