Dirty linen

Rules of the Laundry Room… – And Don’t forget that God also separated light from Dark!” ~ Unknown.

The Weekend Photo Challenge over on our site https://weeklyprompts.com is Laundry Day and this weekend it was chosen by GC. This is my response to his challenge.

Seeing this one in the draft folder my thoughts were   “Airing dirty washing in public?”  Ah well, a challenge is a challenge and therefore I will rise to it.

Many years ago when we lived in a suburban cul-de-sac and had close neighbours, Mondays and Thursdays were my laundry days plus an extra one where needs must. Just for fun I gave myself laundry challenges. The first challenge I set myself was to be ahead of two of my neighbours and have the laundry drying outside on the washing line before anyone else. The second challenge was to have my whites whiter than theirs.

Watching clean laundry blowing in the breeze on the washing line has remained a most satisfying pleasure and even more so on bed changing day!


Yes I know I’m strange!  No one else knew about my personal challenges and no one needed to because it was never about proving to others, it was always for myself, and competing this way was fun.

I still set myself domestic challenges, though these days they usually involve little tick boxes. It’s a good way of getting things done when you don’t feel up to it, because like I said earlier, a challenge is a challenge!

(c) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the photo challenge Laundry Day from Weekly Prompts.  http://weeklyprompts.com/2018/08/11/photo-challenge-laundry-day

18 thoughts on “Dirty linen

  1. Well Sue I’m a single bloke, living in my own little comfortable abode. However as a bachelor I think I do ok. always washing at least once a week, but no bright whites, just plumbers dirty stuff and a poets wet teary hankies . xx

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    1. I’m sure you do fine Ivor. Oh I just love bright whites! Right now I’m propped up on the bed in a hotel room, the bedding is wonderful, pure white, cotton heaven!


  2. And oh how good it felt to lay on clean sheets kissed by the sun! I miss it, as so many places in America do not allow outdoor drying, in various subdivisions. I think I could, but we just dry the in the machine. When we were in Portugal, watching people hang their clothes out and we had too do the same was nice.

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    1. Oops, so sorry got my comments muddled for a moment!
      Oh yes, I love to lie on clean sheets, it feels so good and yes so sweet smelling.
      Such a shame you’re not allowed to dry outside and like I joked to Lois, it’s all America’s fault this Global warming… too much heat from below!

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  3. I loved having clean laundry–especially bedding–hanging on the clothesline! Sadly, no one has clotheslines anymore. Certain neighborhoods (at least here in my part of Florida) have even banned them. Such a shame that people will never know the pleasure of sun-dried clothing and that wonderful outdoor smell.

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    1. If the weather is right I love hanging out to dry, they smell so fresh too! So sorry you can’t hang out to dry Lois, it would save money too. Must admit I always use my dryer in winter.
Maybe that’s what they mean by Global Warming… too many hot dryers! 😀

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  4. You’re as bad as the War Office; she has a thing about the pegs. Everything on her lines MUST be colour coded; you cannot have say a red and blue pair holding up say a piece of underwear; must be either a red pair or a blue. Even a pair of socks must have the same colour pegs. She’s bonkers!

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      1. drives me insane; you should see what she does to MY KITCHEN!; I have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. I can go to my kitchen in the pitch darkness and know where everything is, or is supposed to be, if she hasn’t been on the loose

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  5. gc

    Bravo Susan! Challenge well met. Sometimes people air out too much of their dirty linen undies included. The apartment complex I live at has tress strategically placed near the entrance ways and are meant to be ornamental and not functional laundry stations.

    A few residents whose suites face a busy road decided this summer to hang out their panties, bras and slimming under garments for all the world to see. Many times it happened that a hubby’s “tighty whities” were also seen blowing freely in the wind.

    Management here frowned a short time ago when folks were using laundry horses to dry their laundry.

    I wonder how they feel now when people flaunt not only this rule but their unmentionables for all motorists and passersby to see.

    These days laundry day is a most revealing experience. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad it met with your approval!
      I’m afraid I’m not with you on this one. I’m all for drying outdoors when the weather allows and if it’s situated on one’s own personal space the patio etc I really don’t see the harm. What I do see as harmful is the waste of fuel and expense. I admit I use the dryer when the weather isn’t suitable, though I’m sure what we’re all doing here is environmentally harmful. I was shocked to learn from a couple of people that at your side of the pond, and in many places outdoor drying is banned! What on earth are these people thinking of? Obviously not saving the planet!


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