Nostalgic Moments


Robin Williams


“I want to go back to the days when my biggest anxiety was the cassette tape before the DJ started speaking when recording the top 10.” ~ anonymous


A little bit of nostalgia can make you laugh and  make you cry, but that’s okay its the way it’s supposed to be.

I’ve been keeping busy today with my own little bit of nostalgia by editing YouTube videos until I finally put together a short video of clips I’m fond of.

I had a pleasurable time occupying myself with Lightworks for the editing and uploading to Flickr to take advantage of the free space.

This is the first time I’ve used Flickr to share a video here but after publishing I found flickr had trimmed the last part of the video leaving me with no option but to upload to vimeo instead, though I’m unsure why I’m so eager to save space on WordPress seeing as it’s a premium account.

This delay has caused a little commotion in my house, as my son impatiently waits for me to watch a TV program with him which is at this moment on pause!

I’m not certain that sharing it on WordPress is the right thing to do either, not least because two thirds of you probably won’t understand this little slice of Yorkshire comedy, let alone the very broad Yorkshire accent of the little bald one!

The Grumbleweeds started off  in the mid 1960s, first as a band but very soon switched to become a successful British comedy act starring on stage, television and radio both at home and the world over. In the late nineties Robin Colvill and Graham Walker became a duo. Sadly, Graham, the little bald one died from cancer a few short years ago.

(C) SueW 2018 Linked to the word-prompt Commotion from Fandango 


25 thoughts on “Nostalgic Moments

    1. Thank you very much Peter your comment is much appreciated. Actually, Flickr missed off the last part of the video so inbetween you viewing it I took it down and uploaded to Vimeo and started again! Would have been much quicker to simply upload to WordPress! 🙂

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      1. gc

        Dealing with ambitious mice on stage Susan in a comedic skit is a lot less harrowing than having the rodent nibbling on your cheese and cold cuts in the refrigerator. 🙂 A mouse family picnic must be totally nerve wracking. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes it is, remember we’ve been there too with the bigger variety of rodents! 🙁 There is always light at the end of the tunnel 🙂


      1. Yes you did, which was why I was surprised when I saw your comment I thought you were being rude about Yorkshire!


    1. I was taken aback by your rude, unfunny and unnecessary comment Les. Yorkshire is my home and the Dales my very beautiful playground.

      As for the Grumbleweeds, it’s simply a matter of taste, I didn’t expect everyone to enjoy their humour but I did expect a little respect, and by the way the little bald one was my late husband.


      1. I am more than taken aback by this reaction. The English are supposed to be happy to laugh at themselves, and I thought people from Yorkshire are English. The remark was modelled on the snatch of ditty I have already quoted to you from Noel Coward. The moors and dales in Yorkshire are lovely.
        I must confess I have severe difficulty in understanding the accent, but if I had any idea that one of the comedians had been your husband I certainly would not have passed that comment. Rude? Unintentional. Unfunny? Depends on the POV taken. Unnecessary? So are all comments, unless to acknowledge having seen (and usually by extension, enjoyed) a post.

        Anyway, I apologise for any offence caused.

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      2. I’m surprised anyone could understand my husband’s extremely broad Yorkshire accent, even I had difficulty at times!
        I too will apologise, I was overly sensitive. Yesterday was not a good day and I accept I over reacted. Thank you Les

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  1. Thanks for your piece of nostalgia Sue, I loved the mouse sketch part, I’m shaking my head in laughter….. Your clip production is very clever, well done Sue….xx

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    1. Perhaps I didn’t choose the best clips to showcase. I didn’t expect everyone to like or understand their brand of humour but at least you weren’t rude. Thanks Brian

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